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15th International Communist Seminar
Brussels, 5-7 May 2006

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General Resolution

Let us advance, intensify and broaden the struggle against imperialism, and particularly against the main enemy, US imperialism, its wars of aggression and its threats and preparations for new aggressions!


Just like US imperialism used the lie of Iraq’s "weapons of mass destruction" to justify its aggression against that country, today it is threatening Iran on the pretext of its alleged intention to produce nuclear weapons.

Washington claims for itself the right to bomb hundreds of targets in Iran and is considering the use of so-called tactical nuclear weapons or mini-nukes. While the US abets nuclear proliferation as long as it concerns its allies, such as Israel, it refuses Iran’s right to develop nuclear technology even for strictly civil purposes. The US, however, refuses to honor the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which imposes nuclear disarmament on all nuclear weapons states. The US and the NATO have repeatedly declared that they are willing to be the first to use nuclear weapons in a conflict, even against non-nuclear weapons states. Thus, the US Administration is threatening any country that refuses to bend to its absolute domination.

This new threat of aggression and war comes on top of the on-going illegal, illegitimate and criminal wars and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, which may already have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. There is also increasing imperialist pressure and subversion against Syria. Meanwhile, the on-going barbaric occupation of Palestine is only possible because of the massive support of US imperialism to the Zionist and racist state of Israel, the complicity of the EU, and their common rejection of the democratically elected Palestinian government.

In Latin America, the US tries to impose its domination through political pressure, economic blackmailing and military presence. The blockade against Cuba continues, no efforts are spared to destabilize the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela, and from its first day the new government of Evo Morales in Bolivian has been under attack. The massive US military aid to the Colombian regime – the notorious 'Plan Colombia' – serves to eliminate the revolutionary struggle of the Colombian people, and to reinforce the US domination over the continent.

The US is sabotaging the peaceful and independent reunification of Korea. Together with Japan, the US is instigating ever more local conflicts among the people of East Asia in order to impose the redeployment of its military forces in the region.

In Africa, the imperialists continue to loot the continent's vast natural resources that should serve its development. For this purpose, they keep dictatorships in power in numerous African countries, thus impeding the democratic expression of the population. To reach its goals, imperialism does not hesitate to provoke, fan or prolong divisions and conflicts between African countries and peoples.


The intensification of imperialist aggression is an expression of the structural crisis inherent of imperialism. The financial markets in the United States are playing an essential role in the enrichment of the ruling classes, and are fed with 800 billion dollars per year from abroad. Only the continuing international confidence in the dollar and in the US financial markets can ensure this situation, favorable for US economic growth. In the current context of structural economic crisis and increasing risk of a stock market crash, this confidence can only be imposed through economic and military hegemony. Faced with growing opposition to US policies, the US is still intensifying its aggressiveness.

Just like the occupation of Iraq, the threats of aggression against Iran show the importance of the control over oil in the current international situation, because it is an essential lever for world hegemony. This strategic economic sector has a direct impact on the structural crisis. The control over oil is also a means to exert pressure against any country that has to supply itself with sources of energy, and gives the possibility to hamper the emergence of hew world powers. Thus, the objectives of the imperialist war preparations are to tightly control the Middle East, as it sits on two thirds of global oil reserves and one third of gas reserves. Through "regime change" in Iran, the United States wants to install a subaltern regime like in the time of the Shah dictatorship.

Beyond the domination of Iraq, Iran and the rest of the Middle East, in the long run China and other Asian countries are targeted as main rivals. Those countries are ever more dependent on the Middle East for their oil supply.

Several European governments are also exerting political pressure on the Teheran government, thus adding to Iran's isolation. This shows that, if contractions between the United States and the European Union are intensifying, this doesn't impede the latter to connive with the aggressive policies of US imperialism. European imperialism also sees China and other Asian countries as rivals.


But notwithstanding its overwhelming military might and aggressive stand, the US is encountering growing difficulties to maintain its hegemonic position. Everywhere in the world, the anti-imperialist struggle is intensifying.

In Iraq, the United States is sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire. The most modern and best-equipped armed forces in the world are suffering ever more scathing defeats in the people’s war waged by the Iraqi masses, who are shedding blood for independence and democracy. More than 2400 US soldiers have already been killed and tens of thousands wounded. While the US military-industrial complex is making super profits, the financial cost of the war is getting more difficult to bear for Washington.

In Afghanistan, US and NATO troops are also facing increased resistance.

In Palestine, the elections and the continuing popular resistance against Israeli occupation have proved that the Palestinian people reject any compromise that fails to respect its inalienable national rights. They struggle for the removal of Zionist colonies in the territories occupied after 1967 and for the destruction of the wall of separation and racist isolation. They continue to fight for a sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as capital, and for the right of return of the Palestinian refugees.

The recent success of mass struggles in Nepal has been able to compel the autocratic and repressive regime to give in to the people's just and democratic demands. Meanwhile, the revolutionary upsurge of the people is challenging the imperialist domination in the country.

In Latin America, the Cuban revolution is accumulating political, economic, diplomatic and humanitarian significant advances and is gaining broader support throughout the continent against the US plans of re-colonization. Venezuela and Bolivia’s nationalization of the oil and gas industry augurs well for the Latin American peoples' aspiration to full sovereignty and do away with the so-called Free Trade Agreements, which in fact mean the continuation of US monopoly dominance. The close collaboration between Cuba, the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and the popular and nationalist project led by Evo Morales in Bolivia shows Latin America's advances in its development of a viable and integrated people’s alternative to US dependence. In opposition to the US-instigated "Free Trade Area of the Americas" or ALCA, this project, the "Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas" or ALBA (meaning dawn), opens the perspective of genuine sovereignty for the Latin American countries.

The resistance of the Congolese people has defeated the war of aggression instigated by US imperialism against the Democratic People's Republic of Congo, a war that has claimed the lives of more than four million people. In the first free elections in the Congo's history, in the second half of 2006, the people may be able to impose their will.

China and Russia are jointly reinforcing the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This organization regroups the People’s Republic of China, the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Last year, the SCO declared to be in favor of the withdrawal of US bases from the region. The upcoming accession of Iran, India and Pakistan to the SCO, will put US imperialism in Asia in an even more difficult situation.

Anywhere in the world, the workers and other social forces are struggling against imperialism and capitalist policies. In Europe, the capitalists have been forced to retreat on a number of issues (the draft Treaty for a European Constitution, the European directive for the loading and unloading of ships, the 'first job contract' or CPE in France,...)

In order to block the development of people’s and revolutionary struggles, the US, European and Japanese imperialists are resorting to various anti-democratic, anticommunist and sometimes fascist-like measures. These range from the interdiction of communist names and symbols, the adoption of anticommunist resolutions and the elaboration of so-called "terrorist lists" to financial measures, judicial action, police repression, the outlawing of communist organizations, the imprisonment of communists and outright assassinations. Wide sectors of democrats and progressives are appalled by these measures and condemn them.

We are in the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution. Socialist revolution is the only way to eliminate capitalism, exploitation and domination once and for all in the whole world. In preparation for the revolution, the communists and revolutionaries develop and strengthen all struggles against exploitation and oppression. They work for the establishment of a broad united front against current wars and the threat of new aggressions emanating mainly from US imperialism.


Consequently, we are putting forward the following slogans:

List of signatories

1. Argentina, Partido de la Liberación (PL)
2. Bangladesh, Communist Party of Bangladesh
3. Bangladesh, Colonel Taher Sangsad Bangladesh
4. Bangladesh, Jatio Shromik Jote Bangladesh (National Federation of Trade Unions of Bangladesh)
5. Belarus, Communist Party of the Soviet Union
6. Belgium, Workers’ Party of Belgium (WPB)
7. Bosnia Herzegovina, Workers' Communist Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina
8. Bulgaria, Bulgarian Communist Party "Georgi Dimitrov"
9. Canada, Communist Party of Canada
10. Cameroon, L'Union des Populations du Cameroun
11. Chad, Action du Tchad pour l'Unité et le Socialisme (ACTUS)
12. Chile, Partido comunista chileno accion proletaria
13. Colombia, Partido del trabajo de Colombia-moirista
14. Croatia, Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
15. Cuba, Partido Comunista de Cuba
16. Czech Republic, Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (CPBM)
17. Denmark, Communist Party of Denmark (DKP)
18. Denmark, Communist Party of Denmark ML (DKP-ML)
19. France, PRCF - Pôle de Renaissance Communiste en France
20. France, Union des Révolutionnaires-Communistes de France (URCF)
21. Georgia, Unified Communist Party of Georgia
22. Germany, Communist Party of Germany (KPD)
23. Haiti, Konfederasyon Ouvrye Travayè Ayisyen (Kota)
24. Hungary, Hungarian Communist Workers' Party
25. India, Communist Party of India (ML) Liberation
26. India, Socialist Unity Centre of India
27. Italy, Partito Comunista Unificato d'Italia
28. Italy, Rete dei Comunisti
29. Jordan, Jordanian Communist Workers' Party
30. Korea, South, Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front
31. Latvia, Socialist Party of Latvia
32. Mexico, Partido Popular Socialista de México (PPSM)
33. Mexico, Partido Democrático Popular Revolucionario
34. Mexico, Partido Obrero Rojo
35. Nepal, Communist Party of Nepal (ML)
36. Nepal, Communist Party of Nepal (United Marxist)
37. Netherlands, The, Nieuwe Communistische Partij Nederland (NCPN)
38. Pakistan, Communist Party of Pakistan
39. Palestine, Palestinian Communist Party
40. Palestine, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)
41. Peru, Partido Proletario del Perú
42. Peru, Partido Comunista Peruano (Marxista-Leninista) Bandera Roja
43. Philippines, Communist Party of The Philippines (CPP)
44. Philippines, National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP)
45. Poland, Communist Party of Poland
46. Romania, Communist Party of Romania
47. Romania, Socialist Alliance Party
48. Russia, Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU)
49. Russia, Russian Communist Workers' Party (RCWP) - Revolutionary Party of Communists
50. Senegal, Rassemblement des Travailleurs Africains - Senegal (RTA-S)
51. Serbia & Montenegro, New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
52. Serbia & Montenegro, New Workers' Party of Serbia
53. Slovakia, Communist Party of Slovakia
54. Spain, Partido Comunista de los Pueblos de España (PCPE)
55. Sudan, Sudanese Communist Party (SCP)
56. Sweden, Communist Party (Kommunistiska Partiet - KP)
57. Syria, Syrian Communist Party
58. Tadjikistan, Communist Party of Tadjikistan
59. Taiwan, Chinese province of, Labor Party Taiwan China
60. Ukraine, Union of Communists
61. United Kingdom, New Communist Party of Britain
62. United Kingdom, Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)
63. USA, Freedom Road Socialist Organization
64. USA, Party for Socialism and for Liberation
65. USA, Workers' World Party
66. Venezuela, Partido Comunista de Venezuela
67. Venezuela, Gayones-Voz Proletaria

(30th June 2006)


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