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[The following statement is reprinted from the International Communist Seminar in Brussels, 2-4 May, 2001. The list of organizations who signed it are at the end of the document. Click here to go to the seminar's website.]

Resolution of Support to the Struggles of the Peoples of Africa and of the Peoples of Guadeloupe, Guyane and Martinique

International Communist Seminar, Brussels, 2 – 4 May 2001

After having analyzed the international situation dominated by the capitalist globalization and its disastrous consequences on the living conditions of the popular masses,

Noting the severe blows to the fundamental rights of the peoples of Africa, Guadeloupe, Guyane and Martinique, the culprit of which is imperialism,

We, participants to the International Communist Seminar hold in Brussels from May 2 to May 4, 2001,

Countries Organizations
South-Africa (AZAPO) Azanian People Organization
Burundi (PCB) Parti Communiste du Burundi (Communist Party of Burundi)
Guadeloupe (PCG) Parti Communiste de Guadeloupe (Communist Party of Guadeloupe)
Niger (MPSP) Mouvement Patriotique pour la Solidarite et le Progres (Patriotic Movement for Solidarity and Progress)
Senegal (AJ/ PADS)
Chad (ACTUS) Action du Tchad pour l'Unite et le Socialisme (Chadian Action for Unity and Socialism)
Belgique Parti du Travail de Belgique
France Coordination communiste Communistes en lutte