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[The following statement is reprinted from the International Communist Seminar in Brussels, 2-4 May, 2001. The list of organizations who signed it are at the end of the document. Click here to go to the seminar's website.]

For the Reunification of Korea Without Foreign Interference

Resolution of the International Communist Seminar, Brussels, 2 – 4 May 2001

We, the representatives of the political parties from various countries meeting in Brussels, express our grave concern over the situation recently prevailing on the Korean peninsula.

The new US administration is now calling for a "total review" of its policy toward Korea and for a "hard-line" against it.

At the same time, the United States is reinforcing its military forces in and around south Korea and conducting military exercises posing a threat against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

We strongly denounce these maneuvers on the part of the US as an aggressive act intended to drive the situation of the Korean peninsula to the confrontation level preceding the publication of the North-South Joint Declaration, thereby to perpetuate the US military presence in south Korea, dampen the mood for independent reunification of the Korean people, and realize its long-term ambition of dominating the whole of Korea.

The new US adminstration should free itself from the Cold War way of thinking, discard its anti-DPRK policy and come to the dialogue table with the DPRK on the basis of the recognized principles of respect and sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

We extend our full support and solidarity to the efforts of the Korean people to reunify their country independently and peacefully without any foreign interference.


1. Bangladesh - Communist Party of Bangladesh (Marxist-Leninist)
2. Bangladesh - Socialist Party of Bangladesh
3. Belgium - Workers' Party of Belgium
4. Burundi - Parti Communiste du Burundi
5. Chad - Action Tchadienne pour l'Unité et le Socialisme (ACTUS)
6. France - Cercle Henri Barbusse
7. Germany - Communist Party of Germany (KPD)
8. Guadeloupe - Parti Communiste Guadéloupéen
9. India - Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Janashakti
10. India - Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) New Democracy
11. India - Socialist Unity Center of India (SUCI)
12. Italy - Assemblea Nazionale Anticapitalista
13. Italy - Circolo Lenin
14. Italy - Forum dei Comunisti
15. Laos - Lao People's Revolutionary Party
16. Nepal - Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Forum
17. Netherlands - New Communist Party Netherlands (NCPN)
18. Niger - Mouvement Patriotique pour la Solidarité et le Progrès (MPSP-Haske)
19. Norway - Communist Workers' Party (AKP)
20. Philippines - National Democratic Front
21. Russia - Russia of the Workers
22. Senegal - JDB/Le Prolétaire
23. South Africa - Azanian People's Organization
24. Ukraine - Union of Communists
25. USA - For a Better World
26. USA - Freedom Road Socialist Organization
27. Yugoslavia - Workers' Movement