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[The following statement is reprinted from the International Communist Seminar in Brussels, 2-4 May, 2001. The list of organizations who signed it are at the end of the document. Click here to go to the seminar's website.]

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Resolution on Solidarity with the Palestinian and Arab Peoples

Presented at the International Communist Seminar, Brussels, 2 – 4 May 2001

The signatories, participants of the International Communist Seminar in Brussels, 2 to 4 May 2001, condemn vigorously the Zionist State of Israel and its imperialist masters for the unjustifiable occupation of the Arab territories of Palestine, Syria and Lebanon as well as for the brutal and fascist repression of the Arab-Palestinian people in their own occupied territories.

A cruel occupation and repression which, in the corse of more than 50 years, has caused wars, massacres, thousands of innocent victims, hundreds of thousands of people deported and thousands of tortured prisoners on the part of the Arab peoples.

We condemn Zionism, which, as was stated in a UN resolution, represents a despicable form of racist domination, similar to fascism and Nazism, and a form of apartheid against the Arab-Palestinian people.

We reaffirm our internationalist support to the cause of the Arab peoples for their liberation and independence in their country which is still under Zionist-imperialist occupation, for the unconditional return of all Arab-Palestinian refugees to their land, and for the liberation of all political prisoners and war prisoners detained in the Zionist prisons.

Signatories :

1. Argentine - Partido de la Liberación
2. Bangladesh - Communist Party of Bangladesh (Marxist-Leninist)
3. Bangladesh - Socialist Party of Bangladesh
4. Belgium - Workers' Party of Belgium
5. Burundi - Parti Communiste du Burundi
6. Chad - Action Tchadienne pour l'Unité et le Socialisme (ACTUS)
7. Cuba - Communist Party of Cuba
8. France - Cercle Henri Barbusse
9. France - Coordination communiste
10. Germany - Communist Party of Germany (KPD)
11. Guadeloupe - Parti Communiste Guadéloupéen
12. India - Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Janashakti
13. India - Socialist Unity Center of India (SUCI)
14. Italy - Assemblea Nazionale Anticapitalista
15. Italy - Circolo Lenin
16. Mexico - Asesoría Jurídica Popular
17. Mexico - Maestros de Educación Indígena Michoacán
18. Mexico - Representante de los presos de Loxicha
19. Nepal - Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Forum
20. Netherlands - New Communist Party Netherlands (NCPN)
21. Philippines - National Democratic Front
22. Russia - Russia of the Workers
23. Senegal - JDB/Le Prolétaire
24. South Africa - Azanian People's Organization (AZAPO)
25. USA - Freedom Road Socialist Organization
26. Yugoslavia - Workers' Movement