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Here are some FRSO pamphlets that you can print out, copy and distribute. Files here are in PDF format.

Pamplets about FRSO's Politics

FRSO Unity Statement [html]

Declaración de Unidad de FRSO [html in Spanish]

Statement on National Oppression, National Liberation and Socialist Revolution [html version] [html in Spanish]

1999 Declaration of the International Communist Seminar
Summing up the experience of the International Communist Movement - From Marx to 1999 [html version]

The Third International and the Struggle for a Correct Line on the African American National Question FRSO's contribution to the 15th International Communist Seminar, Brussels, May 5-7, 2006 (html version)

FRSO: 20 Years of Struggle statement on the 20th anniversary of the initial founding of Freedom Road Socialist Organization in 1985

Some Points on the Mass Line This study was prepared by a leading member of FRSO in the late 1980s. Since then this study has been used extensively inside and outside our organization and it has been reprinted in a number of different political settings.(html version)

Topical Pamphlets

The October Revolution and some lessons for the struggle for socialism in the U.S.   (PDF pamphlet version)

On the Student Movement in the United States
by Josh Sykes (June 2009) - FRSO's contribution to the 2009 International Communist Seminar in Belgium (Spanish | Español) (PDF pamphlet version)

The Immigrant Rights Movement and the Struggle for Full Equality
FRSO pamphlet, April 2009

La lucha por la igualdad completa y el movimiento por los derechos de los inmigrantes (formato PDF)
Folleto de FRSO, abril 2009

Build a Fighting Workers Movement
by the Labor Commission of Freedom Road Socialist Organization, February 2009
PDF pamphlet version

Revolution at the Roof of the World: Articles and Analysis on the Revolution in Nepal FRSO pamphlet released July 2008
Screen Viewable and Printable PDF
| Pamphlet Layout PDF

The Movement Against the War in Iraq: A New Period and Our Tasks A pamphlet released in 2007

Some Thoughts on the History of the CUNY Student Liberation Action Movement (SLAM!) One SLAM member's recollections and summation, focusing mostly on the 1995-2000 period. (2006)

The Road Forward for Labor Articles from Fight Back! on the Split in the AFL-CIO (2006)

Welfare Reform: It's Up to Us to Stop It by FRSO Minnesota / Madison District, 1998 [html]


Freedom Road Socialist Organization is a Marxist-Leninist organization in the United States. This website contains information about our organization, our politics and some of our activities in the people's movements.
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