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Summation of Recent Developments in FRSO

In order to provide clarity to recent events internal to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, we have devoted this section of the website to present the most important documents. These include the 1997 Congress Strategy, the "Theses on Left Refoundation", the National Executive Committee (NEC) Response to the Left Refoundation Proposal, Public Statement Regarding the Situation in The Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and FRSO Loses Two Districts In Split.

1997 Congress Strategy November 1997
The Congress Strategy guides FRSO's political work. This document was created through the process of democratic centralism held at the highest decision-making body, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization Congress of November 1997. The two main decisions of the Congress were to further develop FRSO as a Marxist-Leninist organization and to deepen the line and practice concerning the National Question within the U.S.

Theses on Left Refoundation 1998
A document produced by Right Opportunists, now former members of the FRSO. This "Thesis" repudiates Marxism-Leninism and is based on the wrong assumption that the world is in a post-Leninist, post-Imperialist stage. It calls for a multi-tendency political party lead by reformist social democrats to replace the goal of a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist party.

NEC Response to Left Refoundationist Proposal  January 1999
This paper was written by the full NEC in response to the Left Refoundationists on their proposal to modify the strategy of the organization. The elected NEC leaders unanimously reject the Rightists(Left Refoundationist) proposal to throw out the democratic decisions of the 1997 Congress. A call to unite around the Congress Strategy is made and the Rights' (LR's) response is to hold a Split Meeting in the suburbs of Washington D.C. on March 11, 1999.

Public Statement Regarding the Situation in The Freedom Road Socialist Organization  June 1999
The Marxist-Leninists hold firm to their principles and organize the Memorial Day Meeting at the end of May, 1999, to continue the FRSO Congress Strategy.The FRSO confirms the road of revolution and rejects reformism. The meeting makes many decisions about how to continue with the important tasks of the FRSO given the new situation. The small group of hand wringers of the "Left" New Red Trend capitulate to the side of the splitters--uniting with the reformists.

Split NEC Statement "FRSO Loses Two Districts In Split"  June 1999
The New Red Trend--"Left" in appearance, Rightist in reality-- decide to boldly lie about the FRSO events as they happened, and the results. The FRSO moves forward with Districts in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Minneapolis, plus members in six other places. The FRSO continues to publish in English and Spanish the activist newspaper Fight Back!/¡Lucha y Resiste! Thousands read it during work, at church, inside the corner store, on campus, and in the welfare lines.


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