Freedom Road Socialist Organization

 Stop U.S. Intervention in Colombia

 Colombian Revolutionary Movement

March 2005 Second Colombian Revolutionary Kidnapped by U.S. by Mick Kelly
March 2005 Colombia: FARC Says Palmera Must Be Released by Mick Kelly
Feb 2005 Committee to Free Jailed FARC Leader is Formed by Mick Kelly
Jan 2005 U.S. Government Kidnaps FARC Leader; Demand Freedom for Ricardo Palmera! by Freedom Road Socialist Organization
Summer 2004 Victory in Colombia 3 Case by Conor McGrady
July 2003 Joint Communique of the FARC-EP and the ELN
Spring 2003 Colombia: The People are Winning by Tom Burke
Winter 2003 Interview with the Lawyer for Colombia Three a Fight Back! Exclusive interview with Agustin Jimenez
Summer 2002 US War Widens in Colombia by Carolyn Connelly
Spring 2002 US War Heats Up in Colombia by Tom Burke
Fall 2000 Raul Reyes, Spokesperson for the FARC-EP, Speaks to the People of the U.S.
Fall 2000 Colombia: Eyewitness to Revolution An Interview with Jessica Sundin about her experiences on a delegation to Colombia in July 2000
March 2000 Boliviarian Movement for a New Colombia by FARC-EP
Winter 2000 FARC Speaks Out: Interview With Colombian Revolutionaries (part 2 of 2)
Nov 1999 U.S. Hands Off Colombia! statement for a conference in Colombia against U.S. Intervention and in support of the national liberation movement for socialism.
Oct 1999 The FARC Speaks Out: Interview with Colombian Revolutionaries (part 1 of 2)

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 Colombian Labor Movement

Mar/Apr 2005 Colombian Trade Unionists Speak Out an Interview with Jhonny Meneses and Nelson Quijano
Summer 2004 Colombia's Unions: Under Attack and Fighting Back by Meredith Aby
Summer 2004 Coca-Cola Attempts Union Busting in Colombia by Meredith Aby
Summer 2004 Colombian Trade Unionist Wins U.S. Political Asylum; Coca-Cola’s Denials of Human and Labor Rights Violations Exposed By Staff
Summer 2004 Delegation Tours Colombia, Hosted by Oil Workers Union by Tom Burke
Winter 2004 Colombian Trade Unionists on Hunger Strike at Coca-Cola Plants by Staff
Winter 2004 Colombian Union Activsts Speaks Against Coca-Cola by Kris Penniston
Fall 2003 Colombian Trade Unionists: Boycott Killer Coke by Tom Burke
Winter 2003 Colombia’s Trade Union Movement: Fierce and Fearless by Tom Burke
Winter 2003 Colombian Coca-Cola Workers Battle Corporate Death Squads an interview with Luis Adolfo Cardona
Summer2002 Death Sqads and Coca-Cola: Colombian Trade Unionist Speaks Out an interview with Hector Castro of the CUT

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 Colombian Peasant Movement

Dec 04 / Jan 05 Colombian Peasant Leader Speaks Out Against US Intervention: Part 2 of Interview with Miguel Cifuente
Summer 2004 Colombian Peasant Leader Speaks Out Against U.S. Intervention: Part 1 of an Interview with Miguel Cifuente

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 Solidarity Organizing

Oct-Nov 2004 CAN Calls National Days of Action for Colombia: Boycott Killer Coke, No Blood for Oil! by Staff
Summer 2004 Solidarity Activists Stand with Colombia by Meredith Aby
Summer 2004 Delegation Tours Colombia, Hosted by Oil Workers Union by Tom Burke
Spring 2004 Tax Day Protests Slam Plan Colombia, Coca-Cola by Meredith Aby
Spring 2004 Colombia Action Network Meets, Plans National Day of Actions by Tom Burke
Winter 2004 Chicago: NEIU Students Vote to Kick Killer Coke Off Campus
Winter 2004 Colombia: Campaign Against Killer Coke Continues by Meredith Aby
Winter 2004 Colombian Union Activsts Speaks Against Coca-Cola by Kris Penniston
Fall 2003 Free the Colombia 3: ‘Bring Them Home Campaign’ Comes to New York by Conor McGrady
Fall 2003 Colombian Trade Unionists: Boycott Killer Coke by Tom Burke
Spring 2003 Chicago Protest Against Coca-Cola Death Squads in Colombia by Staff
Summer 2003 Colombia Action Network: Boycott Coca-Cola by Tom Burke
Fall 2001 Colombia Action Network Leader Speaks at National Anti-War Protest
Spring 2001 Blockade at Connecticut Attack-helicopter Factory by Zeno Wood
Spring 2001 Colombia Action Network (CAN) Founding Conference a Huge Success by Jessica Sundin
Fall 2000 Build the Movement to Stop U.S. Intervention in Colombia by Anh Pham ( Spanish / Español)
Fall 2000 Close the School of the Assassins! by Tom Burke ( Spanish / Español)
Summer 2000 A Growing Movement Demands U.S. Out Of Colombia! by Zeno Wood
Summer 2000 Congress OKs Military Aid to Colombia, National movement says NO by Jess Sundin
Summer 2000 Minneapolis Forum Looks at Oil, Blood, and U.S. Intervention by Alan Dale
Winter 2000 Colombia: Movement Builds Against US War by Jessica Sundin

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ANNCOL (Agencia de Noticias Nueva Colombia / New Colombia News Agency) News and information agency that fairly covers Colombian progressive and revolutionary movement in multiple languages. Includes documents from FARC-EP and other organizations.

Colombia Action Network organzing the campaign to boycott Coca-Cola in solidarity with Coca-Cola workers in Colombia.

National Committee to Free Ricardo Palmera is demanding that the U.S. government drops all charges against the Colombian Leftist, Ricardo Palmera. Ricardo Palmera, a key leader of Colombia’s largest rebel group, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), was handed over to U.S. custody on December 31, 2004. Palmera is now sitting in a U.S. jail awaiting trial in Federal Court.

Minnesota Anti-War Committee Good information on US intervention in Colombia, as well as Palestine, Iraq and other countries. Also has information on educational events, protests, and letter-writing campaigns you can get involved with.

International Action Center The latest information and actions you can take against US war-making and imperialism in Colombia and around the world.

FARC-EP (Fuerzas Armadas Revolutionarias del Colombia - Ejercito del Pueblo / Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia - Peoples Army) Revolutionary organization fighting for national liberation and socialism in Colombia. Largest, oldest, and most important guerrilla army in Colombia.

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Fall 2000 Habla Raul Reyes, El Portavoz de las FARC-EP, a la gente estadounidense
El viejo y eternamente nuevo marxismo-leninismo por el Comandante Timochenko, FARC-EP
Abril 2000 Al congreso y al pueblo de los Estados Unidos por FARC-EP
Feb. 1999 Carta de apoyo y solidaridad con Mumia Abu-Jamal (por FARC-EP)


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