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Freedom Road Socialist Organization was one of the 60 plus organizations participating in the Seminar.

Communiqué from the 15th International Communist Seminar in Brussels: Unity among communists benefits from historical analysis and exchange of concrete experiences


The annual International Communist Seminar (ICS) was held in Brussels, from May 5 to 7, 2006. This year's seminar, the fifteenth already, carried the theme “Past and present experiences in the International Communist Movement” and gathered delegations from 60 communist and workers’ parties and organizations from 50 countries of Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. An additional 63 parties and organizations sent their regrets for not attending, and/or a solidarity message.

The first session of the Seminar tackled the impact of the Communist International on the founding and the development of communist parties in particular countries. Thirteen parties presented reports, all of which were rich in historical content and analysis.

Most speakers stressed the decisive role the Communist International has had on the unification of communists and on the establishment of the communist party in their country, in a particular historical context. The Comintern was also helpful in criticizing and breaking away from the reformist ideology and practice of most parties. These lessons are most relevant in view of today's challenges of the communists to unite and coordinate their actions.

The next session was an exchange of concrete experiences of Party building among the working class. Ten reports put forward concrete examples of class struggle and trade union work. They allowed to draw valuable lessons and formulate important principles for communist Party work among the workers. Most speakers insisted on the leading role of the working class in the revolution.

Four reports were presented on concrete experiences of Party work among the youth.They mentioned the importance of a daring approach and innovative methods to reach out to the youth, and of ideological education to win over the new generations for the revolution and for Party building.

Finally, no less than 19 additional country and thematic reports were presented, with particular attention for the situation in the Middle East and Latin America. With regard to the Middle East, the threats of US aggression against Iran and the US/EU blockade of the Palestinian government were analyzed and condemned. As for Latin America, the Cuban Revolution, the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and Evo Morales' nationalization of the Bolivian gas and oil resources and industry were given due attention as beacons of hope.

Most reports are available on www.wpb.be/icm.htm, the web page of the ICS, some of them in several languages, including French and Spanish.

On the evening of May 6, a solidarity night with Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia was held. The participants decided to sign and send a solidarity message to each of the Five Cuban patriots who are held as political prisoners in the United States.

The last day of the Seminar a general resolution was discussed and adopted by the participants, with as title “Let us advance, intensify and broaden the struggle against imperialism, and particularly against the main enemy US imperialism, its wars of aggression and its threats and preparations for new aggressions!“

It was agreed upon that the 2007 International Communist Seminar will have as main theme “The validity and current relevance of the October Revolution of 1917 for the 21st century“, with as sub-theme the type of Party needed to respond to the challenges of the 21st century. Sessions on the concrete experience of Party building in the working class and among the youth are also planned.

The participants agreed that the free and frank analysis, sharing and discussions among participants to this year's International Communist Seminar have helped to reach a better understanding and a higher level of political unity among communists worldwide.


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