July 2009

This statement is from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine website:

Comrade Sa'adat: Urgent need for national unity to confront the occupation and defend prisoners' rights

Comrade Ahmad Sa'adat, the imprisoned General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, met today, June 22, 2009, in Asqelan prison with Mohammed Barakeh, from Democratic Front for Progress and Equality in Palestine '48. Barakeh later conveyed a message from Comrade Sa'adat in which he expressed his rejection of Oslo and all that has followed and called urgently for national unity of the Palestinian people.

Barakeh reported that Sa'adat's health was stable following his hunger strike and that Sa'adat expressed that his hunger strike was a rejection of the policy of isolation practiced against Palestinian political prisoners by the occupation. Prisoners in isolation, Sa'adat told Barakeh, are denied family visits, books and magazines and access to fellow prisoners in the isolation ward. Sa'adat told Barakeh that there are a large number of Palestinian prisoners in an isolation ward for many years, including some in isolation for more than eight years, including one prisoner suffering from psychiatric illness. Isolation and solitary confinement is recognized as a form of cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and is known to cause and worsen mental illness.

He stressed that prisoners are already denied contact with the outside world and many denied family visits and that isolation is just an additional form of punishment. He noted that among the new violations of prisoners' rights is denying them access to books sent by their families and restricting them only to books sold in the prison shop, which do not suit the needs or interests of the prisoners and seek to imprison the prisoners' thoughts as well. This comes as an attempt, he emphasized, to break the prisoners' steadfastness and the role of the prisoners' movement in the Palestinian national movement.

Comrade Sa'adat expressed his full support for the cause of the Palestinian people in Palestine '48 as part and parcel of the Palestinian national cause, noting the war against Palestinians being waged by the Zionist regime and the fundamentally racist and illegitimate nature of the Zionist state, and furthermore expressed the danger of and his fierce opposition to the demand of Netanyahu that Palestinians recognize the  racist "Jewish State of Israel," in an attempt to force Palestinians into defeat.

Comrade Sa'adat also expressed the urgent need for national unity in the internal Palestinian situation, in order to fully confront the occupier. He stressed the importance of rejecting entirely the path of Oslo and "prior agreements" that has been a devastating path for the Palestinian cause, and of rejecting all so-called "negotiations" with Netanyahu and his racist regime. He stressed the importance of national unity and that any Palestinian security service must provide security to the Palestinian people against their occupier, not to small gangs or to the occupation itself through security cooperation. Furthermore, Sa'adat told Barakeh, national dialogue must include all factions and aim toward the rebuilding of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its institution on a democratic basis and firmly committed to the fundamental principles of the Palestinian national cause and Palestinian rights - return, self-determination and independence, including elections for a new Palestinian National Council.

Comrade Sa'adat extensively discussed the necessity of a project to rebuild the Palestinian left, emphasizing that such a project must begin at a grassroots level, including the development of committees among workers, students, and many other social sectors, to discuss key issues - ideological, organizational and political - and developing a strategic program through collective work with a clear and principled vision.

He stressed the need to protect the resistance, and that the prisoners' movement will continue to struggle for justice and liberation for the prisoners and the entire Palestinian people.



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