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40 Years of Philippine Society and Revolution: Interview with Jose Maria Sison
(November 2010)

FARC-EP: May 1st, the Workers’ Day!
(May 2010)

FARC-EP: Primero de mayo, día del trabajo
(Mayo 2010)

PFLP on the second anniversary of the loss of Al-Hakim: Revolutionaries never die!
January 2010

Reflections of Fidel: The world half a century later
January 2010

Reflections of Fidel: The annexation of Colombia to the United States
November 2009

PFLP: So-called "settlement freeze" is merely a deceptive cover for settlement building and war crimes
December 2009

PFLP: U.S. is not a mediator but an enemy of the Palestinian people
November 2009

Raul at 26th of July Rally in Holguin: The resistance, organization and solidarity of our people has been demonstrated
July 2009

PFLP calls for investigation into death of Arafat
July 2009

Comrade Sa'adat: Urgent need for national unity to confront the occupation and defend prisoners' rights
July 2009

International Communist Seminar held in Brussels on youth and the crisis
May 2009

Philippines: U.S. soldier wounded fighting New Peoples Army
Satement from the Communist Party of the Philippines, May 2009

PFLP: World must boycott the criminal government of Netanyahu
Statement by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, April 2009

PFLP salutes Palestinian and Arab women on International Women's Day
Statement by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, March 8, 2009

Philippines: The blood of Rebelyn Pitao is on the hands of President Arroyo and General Ermita
By Luis G. Jaladoni, Chairperson, Negotiating Panel, National Democratic Front of the Philippines (March 6, 2009)

Jose Maria Sison: What the People Can and Must Do About the Financial and Economic Crisis
(January 30, 2009)

PFLP: Our position on the "ceasefire," "calm" and the weapons of the resistance
(January 18, 2009)

Bye bye Bush, what remains now is to say bye bye to his politics…
By Peter Mertens, Workers Party of Belgium, November 5, 2008

Declaration of the Georgian Peace Committee
(Aug. 11, 2008)

International Communist Seminar calls for lifting of "terrorist" designation of the PFLP
(May 2008)

May Day: on the current conditions of the struggle of the Palestinian working class
by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (May 2008)

The communists in Benelux and Germany make common cause

Statement against repression in Egypt
by the International Anti-imperialist and People’s Solidarity Coordinating Committee

PFLP salutes the Palestinian woman at the forefront of struggle on International Women's Day

Take the Road to Revolution
International Women's Day 2008 statement by the Philippines women's organization, Makibaka

PFLP mourns its founder, national and international leader Al-Hakim
January 2008

FARC statement on release of prisoners
January 2008

The International Significance of the October Revolution analysis by Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist)

Communist Workers Party Hungary: Entire party leadership threatened with two years' jail sentence

US-Arroyo Regime Drives the People to Armed Revolution: Interview with Prof. Jose Maria Sison NDFP Chief Political Consultant

FARC-EP Political Declaration:
Ninth Conference for the New Colombia, for the Great Mother Land and for Socialism!

Communiqué: 16th International Communist Seminar successfully held in Brussels, May 4-6, 2007

List of Participants and Observers at the International Communist Seminar, Brussels, May 4-6, 2007

Ecuador: Resounding Victory of the People and the Left

FARC Commander Raúl Reyes:
Greetings on International Women's Day

On the occasion of the 99th International Women's Day
Celebrate the victories of the Philippine women's movement!
(Ang Bayan)

Reflections of Cuban President Fidel Castro:
The Internationalization of Genocide

Joint Appeal of Communist & Workers' Parties of Europe:
No to the New Anti-Cuba Maneuvers of the EU

International Declaration:
Against the Occupation, for the Resistance: For a Just Peace in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine

U.S. Military Intervention in the Philippines (Ang Bayan)

Somalia: A New Morass for the USA? (Feb. 2007)

Workers Party of Belgium on Fascists in European Parliament (Feb. 2007)

Palestine: Towards “a Democratic Nation in All of Historic Palestine” Political Statement to the Palestinian People on the 39th Anniversary of the Founding of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)

NPA, revolutionary forces doing utmost to help victims of Typhoon Reming Statement from the Communist Party of the Philippines

Free Colombian Revolutionary Leader Ricardo Palmera! U.S. Imperialism, Hands Off Colombia! statement by Jose Maria Sison, Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS)

The PFLP Condemns the Arrest of Its General Secretary and Calls on All to Shoulder Their Responsibilities Statement by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, March 15, 2006

Interview with PFLP General Secretary Ahmed Saadat from his Jericho prison cell

On Revolutionary Struggles in Imperialist and Oppressed Countries
An Interview with Jose Maria Sison, Founding Chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines
By David Hungerford, December 25, 2003


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