The Political Program of Freedom Road Socialist Organization

English, 2022.

The political program of Freedom Road Socialist Organization has grown out of a long process of waging struggle against the class enemy, building the people’s movements, and conducting study and analysis of the conditions we live under. The point of knowing the world is to change the world, and this program is a declaration of what this country’s working and oppressed peoples want and need, along with what it will take to get there. We are an organization that is on the move and that moves others.

The FRSO is united in our thinking, our goals, and our demands. Our program guide us in our efforts toward revolution, socialism, and liberation. Please it and consider joining us (! Please note that additional sections of our program are in progress, such as the immediate demands of various sectors of the people.

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El Programa Político de la Organización Socialista Camino de la Libertad

Español/Spanish, 2023.

El programa político de la Organización Socialista Camino de la Libertad ha crecido después de un proceso largo de luchar contra el enemigo de clase, construir los movimientos populares, y realizar investigación y análisis de las condiciones en las que vivimos. El objetivo de conocer el mundo es cambiar el mundo, y este programa es una declaración de lo que quiere y necesita la gente obrera y oprimida de este país, junto con lo que se necesita para lograrlo.

Somos una organización que está en marcha y mueve a los demás. FRSO esta unida en nuestros pensamientos, nuestras metas, y nuestras exigencias. Este programa nos guía en nuestros esfuerzos hacia la revolución, el socialismo, y la liberación. Por favor léanlo y consideren unirse a nosotros ( Tome en cuenta que algunas secciones del programa aún están en proceso de ser redactadas, como las demandas inmediatas de diversos sectores del pueblo.

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Marxist-Leninist Perspectives on Black Liberation and Socialism

By Frank Chapman, 2021.

This book is about the historic relationship between two great revolutionary struggles: the struggle for Black Liberation and the struggle for socialism in the United States. 

About the Author: Frank Chapman is a community organizer, Executive Director of the National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, Field Organizer of the Chicago Alliance Against Political Repression, and part of the Central Committee of Freedom Road Socialist Organization. He is also a published writer, with articles on Truthout and Freedomways. In 2019, Frank published his first book, a memoir entitled The Damned Don’t Cry: Pages from the Life of a Black Prisoner and Organizer.

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The Revolutionary Science of Marxism-Leninism

By J. Sykes, Foreword by Mick Kelly. 2023.

The publication of this book, The Revolutionary Science of Marxism-Leninism, by J. Sykes, comes at a turning point in this country. Times have changed. There is a renewed and resurgent communist movement in the U.S. Not since the rise of the new communist movement in late 1960s and early 70s have we seen such large numbers of people arriving at the conclusion that monopoly capitalism is a failed system, and that revolution and socialism are necessities. Many new revolutionaries are making the leap and helping to build revolutionary organization.

Marxism-Leninism is the partisan science of the working class —a class that is moving from being a class in itself to a class for itself. Workers are studying Marxist books all over the world. For workers in the U.S., oppressed people and others who are sick of capitalism, The Revolutionary Science of Marxism-Leninism provides some excellent reading.

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