The 9th Congress of FRSO, held in spring 2022, came at a critical juncture in the development of the people’s struggle and the accelerating decline of monopoly capitalism in the U.S.  As the call to the congress states, in the recent period “we have seen a level of struggle that is unprecedented since the 1960s. The great rebellion following the murder of George Floyd, which was both broad and militant, signals the shape of things to come. It can be said the burning police stations helped illuminate the road to freedom. The fight against police crimes led to a resurgence of the African American national movement.”

The congress adopted political reports on the economy, the political situation, and the international situation that provide materialist analyses of the conditions we are facing, and that help us understand the terrain of struggle ahead. After a widely participated-in debate and discussion, the congress also adopted sections of our political program on socialism and capitalism. Participants both new and old navigated the democratic process to reach unity on our line.

The congress discussed and adopted several resolutions on our work to build a new communist party in the U.S., including one that lays the groundwork to establish an African American Commission to help further develop our work in the Black Liberation movement. Another resolution, blasting the U.S. role in the inter-imperialist war in the Ukraine was adopted.

The documents provide a basis for understanding basic conditions, the forces in motion in society, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the movements for social change and revolution. We ask you to read, comment, discuss and share them. Improving our understanding of how society works will strengthen the leadership of mass groups and positively impact the people’s movements.

Main Political Report

U.S. Economy
Domestic Political Section
International Section

Program Sections

The Enemy: Monopoly Capitalism
Immediate Demands of Labor


Resolution Against the U.S./NATO-Provoked War in Ukraine
Resolution in Support of the Palestinian Struggle for Self-Determination, Liberation, and Return

Out of each FRSO Congress comes the publication of a Main Political Report which documents and explains the current state of the U.S. economy, domestic affairs, and international situation. Public resolutions may be passed and other statements may also be released.

You can find the documents from past congresses on their respective pages: