Download Print Materials

Printable FRSO Pamphlets/Booklets
-FRSO Program
-Some Points on the Mass Line
-On Marxist Organization
Class Struggle on the Shop Floor: Strategy for a New Generation of Socialists in the United States
The Third International and the struggle for a correct line on the African American National Question
-The Immigrant Rights Movement and the Struggle for Full Equality
-The October Revolution and some lessons for the struggle for socialism in the U.S.
-Class in the U.S. and Our Strategy for Revolution (also contained in the Program)
-Interview with FRSO leader Masao Suzuki: The fight against national oppression and the struggle for socialism

Download our printable Pride Month/Reproductive Rights 11-17 inch poster here

Download our printable Keep Abortion Legal statement
English Abortion 2022 Statement (Full page, 1 sided, color, but can be printed b&w, it will be fine)
English Abortion 2022 Statement Half-Sheet, 2 sided

Download one-page 11×17 inch posters here:
You can either print these yourself and glue/paste to 11×17 inch posterboard, or you can have a print shop print them on cardstock/posterboard.
English “Defend women’s & reproductive rights” 1 page
English “Keep Abortion Legal” 1 page

Download two-page 11×17 inch posters here:
Print these two-page files on 11×17 inch paper then glue them to larger poster boards to create larger versions of the posters. See the instructional diagram below the links.
English “Defend women’s & reproductive rights” 2 page
English “Keep Abortion Legal” 2 page