Freedom Road Socialist Organization has two levels of membership: General Membership and Cadre Membership, with different levels of commitment, rights, and responsibilities.

General Membership

General Members are required to agree with the FRSO Program, pay dues of at least $20 annually, and commit to attending at least one online General Members meeting per year. These are the minimum expectations, but many General Members are more involved in various ways, such as joining all quarterly online meetings, attending local District-level General Members meetings, and contributing to local community organizing. General Members may not attend internal FRSO meetings and may not represent the FRSO publicly, unless directed to do so by FRSO local or national leadership. General Membership for an individual may be denied or terminated by local or national FRSO leadership if they think doing so is in the best interest of the organization for any reason.

Once you join, you will be added to the FRSO General Members email list for updates and online meeting announcements. If you are located near an organized FRSO District, your contact information will be forwarded to the local organizer, who will follow up with you about activities in your area.

Join as a General Member now by filling out this form and setting up an annual dues payment:

Cadre Membership

Cadre Membership is a serious commitment and requires a high level of activity and dedication to the cause of building revolution in the United States. Cadre Members are the backbone of our revolutionary organization.

Cadre are required to agree to the FRSO Program, undergo a series of political study sessions before joining, pay monthly dues based on income level, contribute to building the people’s struggles through an organized FRSO Unit, engage in ongoing political study, participate in the internal life of their local FRSO District, and are bound by democratic centralism. Cadre in good standing can attend, speak, and vote at internal FRSO meetings.

Cadre recruitment occurs on a local level by Unit and District leadership. If you are in touch with your local FRSO organizers, you should reach out to them to discuss Cadre Membership. If you are not located near a FRSO District, or you are located near a District but are not in contact with local FRSO organizers, you can use the form above to join as a General Member, and in the “tell us about yourself” field of the form, mention that you are interested in Cadre Membership. A FRSO organizer will reach out to you to discuss this.