Communist, workers parties condemn attacks on Syria

Statement of the Communist and Workers Parties condemning the escalation of the imperialist aggressiveness in Syria

The communist and workers’ parties condemn the escalation of the imperialist aggressiveness and the sharpening of the situation in Syria and the broader region after the statement of D. Trump, President of the USA, on April 11th about bombarding Syria under the pretext of the use of chemical weapons, something that the USA have repeatedly done in the past. The danger of a generalized war increases.

The communist and workers’ parties express their internationalist solidarity to the people of Syria and the other peoples of the region, they call upon the working class, the people’s forces to reinforce the struggle against the imperialist interventions and wars, of the NATO, the USA and the EU.

Peoples must not shed their blood for the interests of the monopoly groups, the competition for the control of energy resources, the routes of transportation, the control of the markets and the distributions of spheres of influence.

Peoples have the right to live peacefully and have the power to claim a society free from wars, crises, poverty and exploitation.

Signing Parties

1. Communist Party of Albania
2. Party of Labour of Austria
3. Communist Party of Azerbadjan
4. Communist Party of Belgium
5. Brazilian Communist Party
6. Communist Party of Britain
7. New Communist Party of Britain
8. Communist Party of Bulgaria
9. Union of Communists in Bulgaria
10. Party of the Bulgarian Communists
11. Socialist Worker’s Party of Croatia
12. AKEL, Cyprus
13. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
14. Communist Party of Denmark
15. Communist Party in Denmark
16. Danish Communist Party
17. Communist Workers Party of Finland
18. Revolutionary Communist Party of France
19. Revolutionary Party Communistes (France)
20. Communist Party of Macedonia
21. Unified Communist Party of Georgia
22. Communist Party of Greece
23. Hungarian Workers’ Party
24. Workers’ Party of Ireland
25. Communist Party (Italy)
26. Jordanian Communist Party
27. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
28. Socialist Party of Latvia
29. Socialist People’s Front (m) (Lithuania)
30. Communist Party of Luxembourg
31. Communist Party of Malta
32. Communist Party of Mexico
33. Popular Socialist Party – APN, Mexico
34. New Communist Party of the Netherlands
35. Communist Party of Norway
36. Communist Party of Poland
37. Philippines Communist Party [PKP 1930]
38. Communist Party of Puerto Rico
39. Romanian Socialist Party
40. Communist Party of the Russian Federation
41. Russian Communist Workers Party
42. Communist Party of the Soviet Union
43. New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
44. Communists of Serbia
45. Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain
46. Galizan Peoples Union
47. Communist Party of Sri Lanka
48. Communist Party of Sweden
49. Swiss Labour Party
50. Communist Party of Turkey
51. Communist Party of Ukraine
52. Union of Communists of Ukraine
53. Freedom Road Socialist Organization
54. Communist Party of Venezuela