FRSO Stands With You in Your Cause

This document was sent to a Conference in Colombia in November 1999 concerning the U.S. Intervention and War.

Dear Companer@s,

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) writes to you with warm greetings and best wishes for a succesful conference.  We support the struggle of the Colombian people for national liberation, for we know that this is the only road to peace with justice. We also want to salute you for you tremendous work in exposing the lies of the Pentagon and White House concerning the fake “War On Drugs”.  The shooting down of a U.S. military spy plane by FARC guerrilla fighters in Colombia reached the eyes and ears of tens of millions here.

The working people of the U.S. are opposed to another Vietnam War in Colombia.  The working class and oppressed nationalities in the U.S. know they will shed the blood, while the rich corporate bosses reap profits from war in Colombia.  The U.S. Imperialists wage wars causing great suffering, but not with the support of working people.

The U.S. has a great demand for narcotics and drugs, especially amongst wealthy white men.  The wealthy are the number one consumers of cocaine. Yet we see no raids, no lockdowns, no mass arrests on Wall Street!

In the belly of this massive drug economy, we find that the “War On Drugs” is a class war aimed mainly at oppressed nationality peoples.  The U.S. ruling class and their courts lock up young Black and Latino men, not the wealthy cartel bosses or their criminal friends in the banking industry.  The corner boys go to jail, while the drug bosses share drinks and cocaine in corporate board rooms.

People know this is how it works, and many working people assume the CIA and other U.S. Government agencies are involved in drug trafficking. Recently we saw the wife of the U.S. Military Official in charge of the so-called “War On Drugs” in Colombia arrested for shipping heroin to New York.  This reflects how deep the crisis is.

Attempts by U.S. General McCaffrey and other fakers in the media, to label the forces for national liberation, particularly the FARC and ELN, as “narco-terrorists” is not very successful.  Especially when the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has reported that the guerrilla organizations have no relationship to the drug trade and then a Colombian Air Force jet lands in Florida carrying kilos of cocaine!

The U.S. Imperialists lies about the Colombian National Liberation Movement will continue to grow.  The Imperialists want to squash any chance for the triumph of socialism in Colombia. Socialism would end big profits for U.S. corporate oil and organized crime.

The FRSO stands with you in your cause.  Our activist work to stop the U.S. Congress from sending more money, advisors, guns, bombs, helicopters, and spy planes to Colombia has just begun.  We are confident that many of your freedom fighters will capture this equipment and put it to good use if it does arrive.  We have already protested in support of the Colombian Workers’ General Strike and continue to protest U.S. war in your country. We will make every effort to stop the Pentagon and change U.S. policy. On November 20th, 1999, we will join thousands in protesting the U.S. Military’s School of the Americas in Columbus, Georgia, to close the classrooms where Colombian Officers who have committed numerous human rights violations were trained.

U.S. Hands Off Colombia!
No Blood For Oil!
The “War On Drugs” Is A Lie!