On the passing of Nelson Peery, an outstanding American revolutionary

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization

It is with great sorrow that we in Freedom Road Socialist Organization learned of the passing of the outstanding revolutionary, Nelson Peery. We extend our deepest condolences to his comrades, family and friends.

Comrade Peery devoted the whole of his life to building a revolutionary movement that would have the capacity to challenge and ultimately destroy capitalism – a monstrous system of exploitation and oppression. In addition, he had a deep understanding of the need to build revolutionary organization and he worked tirelessly to do exactly that, culminating with the founding of the League of Revolutionaries for a New America.

Comrade Peery’s vast experience that spanned generations, his keen analytical abilities, coupled with his profound knowledge of how society develops, allowed him to make many contributions that informed the development of the revolutionary movement in the U.S. He was truly a man of much wisdom and insight, who helped to illuminate the path to real and fundamental change.

Our organization, the FRSO, saw Nelson as a comrade and friend. We place great value on the projects that we have worked on together and we are grateful for the solidarity and aid that he and the League of Revolutionaries for A New America provided following the FBI/grand jury attacks on us. This is something that we will never forget.

We count ourselves among those who miss Comrade Peery. His courage, steadfastness and determination will live as an example to all of us who hate oppression and yearn for a new world. He was the embodiment of what a revolutionary should be and we will treasure our memories of him.

Long live the spirit of Nelson Peery.