FRSO 7th Congress and Main Political Report

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization is pleased to present the Main Political Report, voted on and passed at our 7th Congress in the summer. The three sections – the U.S. Economy, Domestic Political Report and the International Report – describe the societal conditions in which we organize and struggle for a new society. These documents, debated and revised over many months, provide a basis for understanding the basic conditions of life, the forces in motion in society, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the movements for social change and revolution. We ask you to read, comment, discuss and share them. Improving our understanding of how society works will strengthen our leadership of mass groups and positively impact the people’s movements.

The fact we held the FRSO 7th Congress this past summer is in and of itself a victory. It comes four years after the FBI raids and grand jury subpoenas charging activists, including members of the FRSO, with “material support for terrorism.” It took some backbone to withstand this U.S. government attack. We were able to fend off the worst of the attacks, with more than a little help from our friends. We are grateful to those who stood next to us in solidarity and who continue to organize against U.S. government political repression, especially targeting Palestinian and Arab Americans and Muslims.

Looking forward, we are happy to share that the FRSO 7th Congress was a great success, in terms of defining current conditions, our growing capacity to lead and influence people’s movements, deepening our understanding of Marxism-Leninism, and recruiting to and building the FRSO. The FRSO is growing and expanding steadily. We are now in more cities and on more campuses than at any time since the original founding in 1985. Bundles of the regular print edition of Fight Back! newspaper is now distributed in 20 cities and towns.

Our group combines a solid core of Marxist-Leninist leaders spanning many decades, with a large and expanding layer of younger revolutionary cadre. We are also now seeing the recruitment of experienced Marxist-Leninists from a variety of organizational backgrounds. The FRSO is a serious group with the capacity to move the masses and strike a blow against the Wall Street rulers and their politicians. We can provide leadership that impacts local and regional struggles, and sometimes people’s movements nationally. We invite you again to study our Main Political Report and other documents at If you find yourself largely in agreement, then we want to you to consider joining the FRSO.