Resolution: Long Live the Venezuelan People’s Struggle for True Democracy and Against U.S. Imperialism!

Freedom Road Socialist Organization wants to send a message to express its solidarity with the people of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Government of President Hugo Chavez.

We congratulate and support your powerful stand for the people and against U.S. Imperialism despite continued attempts to overthrow the popularly-elected Venezuelan Government.

Venezuela and the Bolivarian struggle is an inspiration to us, in your continued efforts to build a state and a popular movement that responds to the democratic and social needs of the people, and that speaks out and opposes U.S. Imperialism in Latin America and around the world.

Freedom Road Socialist Organization recognizes the sovereign right of the people of Venezuela to self-determination and self defense against the United States. We denounce the U.S. Government and its lackeys’ attempts to overthrow and control the Government of Venezuela.

We praise the Hugo Chavez Government and the people of Venezuela for standing up and fighting against imperialist attempts to overthrow the Government, for opposing U.S. Imperialism around the world, and for working to create a more equal and democratic country.

We take inspiration from your efforts to give all Venezuelans equality and a fair standard of living, by nationalizing natural resources and responding to the needs of the Venezuelan people.

¡ Que viva el pueblo venezolano!
¡Que viva la revolucion bolivariano!
¡Abajo el imperialismo norteamericano!
Long live the Venezuelan people!
Long live the Bolivarian revolution!
Down with U.S. Imperialism!

Que Viva la Lucha del Pueblo Venezolano para la Democracia Verdadera y en Contra del Imperialismo Norteamericano!