Stand in solidarity with Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

February 16, 2014

We stand in solidarity with the government of Venezuela headed by President Nicolás Maduro and the Venezuelan people in the face of the murderous turmoil that is being unleashed by the country’s right-wing opposition. We are confident that the ringleaders of this reactionary violence will quickly be brought to justice.

Venezuela’s progressive government is working hard to improve people’s lives and build popular power. The achievements of the Bolivarian revolutionary process are an inspiration to people around the world, and we are well aware of the humanitarian assistance that Venezuela provides to people in the U.S.

The right-wing opposition is unleashing a wave of violence to take Venezuela backwards, at the expense of the country’s working people.

We know that the government of the U.S. stands behind the right-wing opposition. The U.S. hates the freedom that Venezuela represents and the independent course it is taking. Wherever people want liberation from Washington D.C.’s empire, Venezuela has offered its support and solidarity.

We join with progressive and revolutionary people everywhere in demanding the U.S. stop interfering in Venezuela’s internal affairs.

Solidarity with Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution!
U.S Hands off Venezuela!