Statement on the passing of Mayor Chokwe Lumumba

February 27, 2014

It fills us with great sadness to hear of the all too sudden passing of Mayor Chokwe Lumumba of Jackson, Mississippi. The Freedom Road Socialist Organization sends our heartfelt condolences and solidarity to the family and friends of Chokwe Lumumba, the members of the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement and to the people of Jackson, Mississippi.

Chokwe Lumumba was an exemplary leader for Black liberation in the U.S., particularly in the U.S. South. As a founding member of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, he dedicated his life to the African American liberation struggle and the belief that African Americans in the U.S. have a right to self-determination. As an attorney, he represented many African American political prisoners and people facing state repression, including Assata Shakur and hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur.

On June 5, 2013, Chokwe Lumumba was elected mayor of Jackson, winning 87% of the vote in the general election. His term as mayor was cut short by his sudden death. Chokwe Lumumba will be missed for his revolutionary legacy that taught people all over the world that the struggle for Black liberation in the Black Belt South continues boldly in the 21st century.

Chokwe Lumumba’s passing is felt by working and oppressed people far and wide. The struggle to which he dedicated his life continues.

With regards,
The Freedom Road Socialist Organization