FRSO leader speaks on election outcome, urges building a mass movement to fight Trump

Commenting on the outcome of the elections, Nov. 9, Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s Political Secretary Steff Yorek stated, “Trump is a toxic promoter of racist anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim attacks. He is an enemy of women. His right-wing populist campaign was a magnet that drew of everything reactionary and backwards in this county. As preacher of the gospel of greed, there is no doubt he will do everything in his power to improve the lot of billionaires like himself. He is not our president. We need to do everything we can to drown his administration in a high tide of struggle and fightbacks. We should aim to make this country ungovernable.”

Yorek continued, “Hillary Clinton was a pitifully weak candidate, who was popular on Wall Street but disliked and mistrusted by many. And for good reason. She was an advocate of one of the worst attacks ever on the social safety net – welfare ‘reform.’ She has never been on the side of working and oppressed people. And Clinton was all about the endless wars for empire. Her only virtue was that she is not Trump.

“If this election shows anything, the system itself should be indicted and convicted. The wealthy have two political parties. The rich control government. Capitalism is a failed system and Donald Trump stands at its helm. Failure loves failure.”

Yorek concluded, “Every progressive person needs to go all out in building our respective movements, be it the battles against police crimes, standing is solidarity with the fight at Standing Rock, backing immigrant rights, or defending our standard of living. We need to light a fire and fan the flames.”