Stand with Yemen as it stands with Palestine!

Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns the cowardly January 11 attack on Yemen by the U.S., United Kingdom, and their accomplices. The large-scale military strike took lives and destroyed property.

It was meant to frighten Yemen’s government and people. But the opposite took place. The government of Yemen has announced that it will continue to blockade shipping to Israeli-occupied Palestine. Backing that decision up were more than one million people rallying in the Yemeni capital city Sana’a.

Yemen’s response to the genocide in Gaza has been nothing short of heroic. Long a target of a brutal war waged by the Western powers and Arab reactionaries, Yemen’s choice to embrace the Palestinian resistance stands as an example to all yearn for liberation and justice.

In Palestine, the Israeli occupiers are losing the war, and the resistance movements in Lebanon and Iraq, along with the governments of Syria and Iran, are helping along the process that will end the occupation once and for all.

So, the Zionists have resorted to genocide. More than 30,000 are dead and they kill more every day. The mass murder is not an accident, it was embedded in the logic of the Zionist project from day one. And the imperial backers of the project, the U.S and Great Britain were, and still are, well aware of it.

Yemen’s courage stands as a beacon of hope where there is the darkness of oppression. It represents a step to a brighter future where the peoples of the Middle East will be free from imperialism and Zionism. When the monopoly capitalists that run the U.S. lose their hold on the Middle East, it will be milestone in the decline of the American empire.

For us in the U.S., standing with Palestine is important. The genocide Palestinians face would be impossible without U.S. backing. What we do here to stop it is important.

We need to stay in the streets and turn up the heat on all those who back Israel economically, with weapons, or who provide political cover to that apartheid state. Representatives of the Biden administration should be confronted about their support of genocide. All U.S. aid to Israel should stop!

There are two sides fighting in Palestine. It is not complicated at all. There is the oppressed and the oppressor. Israel exists on stolen land and borrowed time. The clock is ticking. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Hands off Yemen! End U.S./U.K. attacks!