Victory to the Palestinian Hunger Strike!

Statement of Freedom Road Socialist Organization

August 30, 2004

The large-scale hunger strike in Palestine is an event of worldwide importance, a dramatic confrontation between the oppressed and oppressor. The thousands of hunger strikers that languish in Israeli prisons deserve the support of everyone who wants justice, equality and liberation. This powerful collective action is sending a message to people everywhere – that the imprisoned freedom fighters are determined to resist the brutality of their Zionist jailers and stand willing to make any sacrifice to advance the cause of national liberation.

The criminal cruelty practiced in Israeli prisons is well known. We of Freedom Road Socialist Organization join with all who demand decent and humane treatment for those imprisoned. Furthermore, it is our belief that all Palestinian political prisoners should be released. Attempts by the Israeli and U.S. authorities to criminalize the forces who are fighting to free Palestine or label them as “terrorists” are sure to fail. The Palestinian people have the right to use any means necessary to end the occupation of all of historic Palestine.

Among those who have joined the hunger strike is Ahmad Saadat, the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Currently, the Palestinian Authority is holding him, with American and British military personnel serving as his jailers. We salute his sacrifice and demand his release.

The capitalist news media in the United States and Europe have failed miserably to convey the dimensions and importance of this battle in Israeli prisons. As a result, it is vital that progressive forces take up this task.

In the weeks ahead more political prisoners will join the hunger strike. We are confident that the outcome will be nothing short of success. And over the long run, we are sure that the Zionists and their backers in Washington DC will meet with complete defeat.

Justice and decent treatment for all Palestinian political prisoners!

Long live the struggle for a free Palestine!