We demand the immediate release of PFLP leader Ahmad Sa’adat

For nearly 20 years, the steadfast fighter for Palestinian liberation and general secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Ahmad Sa’adat, has endured imprisonment. Freedom Road Socialist Organization is proud to add its voice to the worldwide movement demanding the Israeli occupiers immediately release Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners.

PFLP leader Ahmad Sa’adat is a hero who has committed his entire life to freeing all of Palestine. He is an outstanding revolutionary and Marxist-Leninist. His courage and commitment stand as an example to everyone who yearns for a future free of oppression and exploitation.

The U.S. government and the Israeli occupiers attempt to criminalize the movement for the liberation of Palestine; they put the tag of “terrorists” on freedom fighters. We reject this. The real terrorists here are the Zionist occupiers and their U.S. backers. Furthermore, we demand the U.S. government scrap the “material support of terrorism” law that treats the supporters and members of PFLP and other organizations struggling to free Palestine as “terrorists.”

The struggle in Palestine is intensifying. The movement for national liberation is doing what is right and necessary to end the occupation. The reactionary government headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is using repression and torture. They are even banning the Palestinian flag.

The Palestinian revolution will continue until victory. The Zionist regime exists on stolen land and borrowed time. We demand and end to all U.S. aid to Israel, and we stand in solidarity with all those struggling for a liberated Palestine.

Freedom now for PFLP leader Ahmad Sa’adat and all Palestinian prisoners!