Workers and Communist Parties Greet the FRSO’s 8th Congress

Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) — Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP)

Message of solidarity to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization on the occasion of its 8th Congress

May 25, 2018

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) congratulates the Freedom Road Socialist Organization for holding its 8th congress. In behalf of the Filipino proletariat, we extend our solidarity to every delegate and participant of your important meeting.

We are sure your congress will serve as an occasion to sum-up your work, identify the strong points and weak points, in order to overcome weaknesses and shortcomings and build on the positive gains with the view of advancing the revolutionary cause of the working class and other oppressed classes and sectors in the United States.

The CPP congratulates the Freedom Road Socialist Organization for its unprecedented organizational growth. By helping lead the struggles against the right-wing policies of the Trump regime, you are striking deep roots among the toiling masses of workers and other oppressed and exploited groups. In doing so, you are making Marxism-Leninism a truly vibrant and effective instrument of the proletariat for their class liberation.

Your congress is being held amid the continuing grave capitalist crisis in the United States. The American proletariat and people are suffering from increasingly worse forms of exploitation as the capitalist system reels from protracted depression since 2008 which is comparable to the Great Depression of the 1930s. While the working class bears the burden of unemployment and low wages, capital and social wealth become ever more concentrated in the hands of the financial oligarchy and monopoly capitalists.

The American workers and other oppressed sectors have no other recourse but to wage mass struggles to advance their democratic aspirations. The class conscious proletariat must lead the mass of workers and people in their democratic and class struggles. They must strengthen their resolve and prepare to face greater class conflicts, especially in the face of the US government’s increasing resort to the use of coercive measures to oppress the people. Domestic law enforcement has become highly militarized. The Trump regime is rousing fascist ideology against immigrants, people of color, and other minority groups to divide the working class and justify the use of more violent means of oppressing the people.

The American working class is confronted with indubitably the biggest monster among the giant imperialist beasts. History, however, will inevitably prove that a united working class, led by its militant vanguard, has the strength to bring down the imperialist giant, seize political power from the hands of the bourgeoisie, take control of the forces of production and build the socialist future.

In the Philippines, the Filipino people, especially the workers and peasants, suffer gravely under the yoke of US imperialism and its subservient reactionary classes. The chronic crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal system continues to deepen and worsen. There is widespread landlessness in the vast rural areas, massive unemployment, homelessness, hunger, worsening state of public utilities and services, low income and rising costs of living. The ruling reactionary regime is increasingly virulent as it wages a counterrevolutionary war supported by US military and financial aid.

The CPP leads the revolutionary struggle of the Filipino proletariat and people. Its Program for a People’s Democratic Revolution aims to overthrow the joint class dictatorship of the big bourgeois comprador and big landlord class and their US imperialist master, establish a people’s democratic dictatorship and proceed directly to socialist revolution and construction.

The CPP commands the New People’s Army in waging protracted people’s war. The revolutionary forces led by the CPP are arousing, organizing and mobilizing the broad masses of workers, peasants, the petty-bourgeoisie and national bourgeoisie. The Party employs united front tactics to unite the broadest section of the Filipino people to defeat the reactionaries. Throughout the Philippines, revolutionary mass organizations among the various democratic classes are being strengthened. Organs of political power are being established at the village level up.

The Philippine revolution, as well as the struggle of the American working class, comprise part of the resistance against imperialism and all forms of reaction across the world. Thus, the Filipino people and the American people must build strong unity and forge various forms of cooperation as they advance their common revolutionary cause.

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Emek Partisi (EMEP) — Labour Party, Turkey

Dear comrades,

As Labour Party of Turkey, we salute your 8th Congress, we wish you success.

Your country’s working class, democratic and progressive forces are struggling with a trouble, like Trump. Trump and his nationalist, racist, and anti-working class politics threaten not just the US people, but the peoples of the world. Not long ago, the US Embassy opened in Jerusalem, causing a new conflict process to begin in the region. 63 Palestinian was killed by Israel security forces, more than two thousand injured.

Trump tried to rekindle the conflicting situation in Syria with the “chemical weapon” provocation and missile attack. On the other side, he is trying to create a new field of ​​conflict by unilaterally dissolving the nuclear deal with Iran and combining other reactionary regimes in the region against Iran. Although it seems that there has been temporary detente in recent days, the tense relationship of the US with China and North Korea is another threat to the world.

Undoubtedly, as long as capitalism does not end, the struggles and conflicts between the imperialists will not come to an end. But the anti-imperialist struggle of the working class and oppressed peoples of the world can push the imperialist aggression back a bit. Organizing the working class’s international unity, struggle and solidarity will be a good response to the imperialist aggressors.

Rising struggle of the working class against its bourgeoisie in the US and EU, countries in which capitalism is the most developed, will greatly contribute to the anti-imperialist struggle and the struggle for the liberation of the working class.

Despite all the counter-propaganda of the imperialist-capitalist system, the economic and social problems of the world working class do not diminish but increase. Unemployment, poverty, hunger, mass migrations, raising the retirement age, deterioration of the health care system, paid and poor education, limiting holiday leave are increasing. The working class shows resistance to these attacks of capitalism from place to place. Our task is to unify and advance the economic, political and social struggles of the working class.

Dear comrades,

We believe that the 8th Congress of your organization will accelerate the struggle of the US working class and progressive groups.

We wish success once more to your congress.

Down with capitalism and imperialism!

Long live revolution and socialism!

Long live the unity, solidarity, and struggle of the world’s working class and oppressed peoples!

Long live working class internationalism!

Labour Party (Turkey)


Marxistisch-Leninistische Partei Deutschlands (MLPD) — Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany


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Central Committee

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Dear Comrades,

Warmest revolutionary greetings to the 8th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization!
We wish your congress great success! We congratulate you to your strong growth in membership in the struggle against the proto-fascist Trump government. It is of decisive importance that the revolutionary forces are strengthened so that this struggle can develop a perspective for societal change to socialism. We would like to get to know your experiences in this more closely and are looking forward to hearing about the results of your congress.

100 years ago the November Revolution took place in Germany. It did away with the German emperor and brought important changes for the workers and the broad masses of people like the eight-hour day or women’s suffrage. However, the great aim of carrying on the flame of the Russian October Revolution and the international revolution through socialist revolution in Germany could not be fulfilled. The revolutionaries were much too late in severing themselves from social democracy and building up the communist party. And so the revolutionary situation came, but the revolutionary masses lacked a strong and anchored Marxist-Leninist party. We have to draw lessons from that and must build up the party in the individual countries with determination!

We are experiencing a shift to the right by many governments in the entire world, here in Germany as well. But there is also the other side: a progressive change of mood in the working class and among the broad masses of people. In the past months millions of workers were on strike in Germany for higher wages. Tens of thousands protested against the aggression of the fascist Erdogan government against Afrin/Northern Syria, also because the German government delivered the Leopard tanks that entered the city.

In the entire world we can observe a general tendency of war preparation. The USA is the main warmonger in the world. That gives special importance to your struggle against imperialist war. But the situation is becoming more and more complicated. This can be seen in the war in Syria. A large number of new-imperialist countries are competing there for the loot. In our opinion these also include Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia and China. This requires that the international revolutionary and working-class movement join together more closely in the struggle against all imperialists.

As a member of the International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations with presently 51 organizations, we place great importance on proletarian internationalism. Joining forces across borders, as in the practical cooperation and coordination with the ICOR, must be strengthened. We hope that our organizations will get to know each other better in the future and that we can develop cooperation, especially in the struggle against imperialism.

With revolutionary greetings,

Monika Gärtner-Engel
Person responsible for internationalism

Kommunistiska Partiet — Communist Party, Sweden

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Göteborg, Sweden, 22 nd of May 2018

To the 8 th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Dear Comrades,
The Communist Party, Sweden, sends its warmest revolutionary greetings to the 8 th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization.
  We are very pleased to hear that FRSO is growing more than ever before, and that FRSO is the biggest Marxist-Leninist organization in the US.
  The fact that more and more people in the US, and especially young people, are turning to the left to protest against the reactionary leadership that has moved in to the White House, gives hope for the future.
  It also shows that FRSO has a great potential to strengthen your position within the working class and progressive parts of the population.

In Sweden, we have no Donald Trump to mobilize people against. But we have a political leadership which under the polished surface in many ways is almost as reactionary as Trump.
   The entire Swedish political establishment was very concerned about Trump and criticized him before he was elected. The criticism has now dis-
apeared in most issues.
  Without the slightest doubt, the Swedish Social democrat and Green Party coalition government last year decided to tie Sweden even closer to NATO, the war alliance aiming to defend the interests of US imperialism.
  For us as Communists in Sweden, it is very important to show that there is resistance inside the United States, against the reactionary policies and the imperialist wars, and that there are organizations and movements fighting for solidarity and justice, for the interests of the working class.

We would like to use this opportunity to say a few words about the Communist Party’s work in Sweden as we are preparing for the forthcoming national elections in September.
  We are not strong enough to participate in the election to the national parliament, but we will have Communist Party candidates for the local elections in seventeen Swedish cities. In two of them we already have elected City councilors.

In the election campaign, we are trying to find new ways to make our voices heard. Last March we managed to reach out to a larger part of the Swedish people than ever before.
  The banks in Sweden are making giant profits. Because of that, we decide to use one of the big banks annual general assembly for shareholders to make a political statement.

First we bought one share. Second we decided that a young communist worker, a butcher from the countryside, would request to speak at the assembly in Stockholm as a representative for the shareholder.
  And when he entered the podium and began to speak, the shareholders (among them some of the wealthiest and most famous capitalists in Sweden) had to listen to a speech from a worker demanding to take back what belongs to the working class.
  The main audience for this speech was not the shareholders but all the ordinary working class people that could see this event though social
  It became a success. More than 555.000 people (five percent of the Swedish population) have seen it on Facebook and Youtube. And several papers, including the biggest daily in Sweden, wrote about ”the butchers communist coup”.

We live in a period when the reactionary forces are very strong. The Marxist-Leninist parties and organizations around the world are in a weak position. But we communists in Sweden know, as you do in the US, that at the same we have many opportunities to strengthen the workers move ments as well as the communist and marxist-leninist parties. And we know as you do that capitalism and imperialism will come to an end.
  Finally, we hope you will have successful Congress that will strengthen FRSO even more.

International Department,
Communist Party, Sweden

Fronte Popolare — People’s Front, Italy

Greetings to Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s 8th Congress


We send you our warmest greetings for your 8th Congress.

From Italy we watch with great interest to the struggles and to the rising consciousness in the US, particularly between young workers and students, about the necessity of a radical systemic change.

In an international scenario characterized by an ongoing crisis of the capitalist system and ever-growing dangers of a global war, the development of a real and strong alternative in the heart of the empire is fundamental for all peoples of the world.

We observed in these years the vitality and potentialities of growth, in a difficult context, of an antagonist movement in the United States, from the struggle against racism and police violence to a new working-class initiative, while facing one of the most reactionary presidencies in history, following Obama’s fake hope.

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression, that you built after the raids that hit your organization in 2010 and the infiltration of agent provocateurs, is an example of how to build mobilization in order to resist with success to the repressive attempts to break and divide the most advanced elements of the movement.

Your watchword of the united front against monopoly capitalism, based on the strategic alliance of the multi-national working class with the movements of the oppressed nationalities, is interesting and similar, though in the diversity of national conditions, to what we must build in our country.

Italy is now in one of the most critical moments in its history. The last years saw the implementation of austerity policies imposed by the European Union and accepted by the Italian ruling class, the destruction of social and working rights that had been won during the Anti-Fascist Resistance and the struggles of the 1960s-70s, the ongoing privatization and selling-off of public wealth to foreign companies and the persistent subordination to US and NATO with the participation to the imperialist adventures in the Middle East. Since the 2008 crisis, Italy has lost more than 20% of its industrial production, 10% of its GDP and 30%
of investments.

The elections of last 4th of March finally saw the defeat of the parties that most directly managed these disastrous policies. While this is a positive outcome, the popular anger, however, as was the case in the US, was led by reactionary forces such as the League, now a neo-fascist party, and the 5 Star Movement, a demagogic anti-corruption party now converting itself in the new defender of the capitalist order. The new government, while it may open some minor contradictions, has very serious risks of giving birth to a dangerous reactionary phase.

We are a young organization, founded in September 2015 and composed mainly of young communists, and have the difficult goal of rebuilding a communist party worthy of its name and a united social front, after the glorious Italian communist movement has been destroyed and reduced to impotence by years of opportunistic deviations and divisions.

The importance you give to the development of political work in grass-roots trade unions is also what we’re trying to do in order to rebuild a new generation of communists.

As in your case, it is also our foremost goal to unite the most advanced elements of the working class and of the communist movement in a united workers party capable of playing an active role in the new phase of our country’s history and of fighting for a new Liberation.

In this reconstruction work, we attach great importance to the development of strong international ties, as we’ve already started to do with success in these few years. Only by building relationships based on mutual trust, international solidarity, a constant exchange of experiences and analysis and a frank discussion based on the solidity of principles and the Marxist-Leninist method but without dogmatism, we can contribute to restoring the necessary vitality to the international communist movement. We have a lot to learn from each other in order to strengthen our common struggles.

We send you our best wishes of success for your Congress and for the difficult yet exciting struggles ahead.

Long live the FRSO and the struggle of the American people for socialism!
Long live internationalist solidarity!

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International League of Peoples´ Struggle — Global

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May 24, 2018

Mick Kelly, for the Standing Committee,
Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the International League of Peoples´ Struggle, I wish to express warmest greetings of comradeship and revolutionary solidarity to the Freedom Road Socialist Organization on the occasion of its 8 th Congress.

We salute and congratulate you for having become the largest Marxist-Leninist organization in the United States. You have achieved unprecedented growth as a result of leading the mass movement against the right-wing government of Donald Trump and against its policies and actions which are inimical to the American proletariat and people.

We are confident that through your Congress your organization will become even stronger by summing up your experience, learning positive and negative lessons, enhancing your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses and putting forward the tasks for unifying and strengthening your ranks in the fields of ideology, politics and organization.

Conditions in the US and in the world are favorable for your revolutionary advance. US imperialism has strategically declined and has reached its postprimacy period because of counterproductive and self-defeating policies that are anti-worker and anti-people: the neoliberal policy of extreme greed of the monopoly bourgeoisie and the neoconservative policy of ceaseless wars of aggression and social disorder.

The crisis of the world capitalist system is recurrently worsening as the rise of China and Russia as new capitalist powers has upset the previous dominance of the US, Japan and the European Union and has resulted in the aggravation of inter-imperialist contradictions. The multipolar world opens opportunities for the rise of the revolutionary proletariat and oppressed peoples on the road of struggle for greater freedom, democracy, development and socialism.

We hope that in the years to come the International League of Peoples’ Struggle and Freedom Road Socialist Organization will continue to pursue their common cause and will intensify their practical cooperation and efforts in fighting and defeating the forces of imperialism and reaction and in aiming for the realization of national liberation, democracy and socialism.

For the International League of Peoples´ Struggle,
Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee

Kommounistikó Kómma Elládas (KKE) — Communist Party of Greece

Dear Comrades,

The Communist Party of Greece sends you its comradely greetings on the occasion of the 8th congress of FRSO.

We appreciate your efforts in expressing solidarity to the peoples of Palestine, Syria, to all the peoples who are struggling in the world against imperialist crimes, interventions and wars. We value your determination to inform the American people about international developments and the dangerous role the U.S. government plays in them. We thank you for your solidarity towards the struggles of the class-oriented trade union movement, PAME, of the popular strata, against the anti-people policies of the SYRIZA-ANEL government and the strategy of involving our country in the imperialist designs of the USA and NATO in our region.

We are following with interest the battles you are waging on a wide range of issues that concern the working class of the U.S.A., your dedication to the labor movement, to the movements for the political and social rights of the oppressed members of society, the rights of immigrants, the youth and students.

We wish you great success in your congress proceedings, for the further development of the class struggle and international solidarity in the new conditions that are being created by the policies of the Trump government and the sharpening of the intra-imperialist rivalries with other powerful capitalist forces.

The international developments highlight even more intensely the historically surpassed nature of capitalism that has nothing to offer the people except for wars, poverty and misery; the necessity for Marxist-Leninist Communist Parties to exist that are rooted in the working class, which imbue the daily struggles with a modern revolutionary strategy for the overthrow of capitalism, for socialism.

Athens, May 24, 2018

The International Relation Section of the CC of KKE

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Pambansang Demokratikong Prente ng Pilipinas (PDPP) — National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP)

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National Democratic Front of the Philippines
National Executive Committee

May 24, 2018

NDFP Congratulates the Freedom Road Socialist Organization on its 8th Congress

Comrade Mick Kelly, for the Standing Committee
Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Dear Comrades,

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) conveys its warmest greetings of revolutionary solidarity to the leadership and membership of the Freedom Road Socialist

Organization on the occasion of its 8th Congress.

The Filipino people who persevere for almost fifty years in their struggle for national and social liberation against US imperialism and the domestic reactionaries, deeply admire your militant struggle against the right-wing government of Donald Trump and against its policies and actions against the American people and the world’s peoples.

We warmly congratulate you for your great role in leading the mass movement against the Trump regime and thereby achieving unprecedented growth of your revolutionary organization.

We also wish to reiterate our gratitude for your persistent solidarity for our struggle for national and social liberation.

It is our strong desire to further develop our mutual solidarity for the benefit of the American people and the Filipino people. Let us further work together to build a powerful international anti-imperialist and socialist movement.

We wish you the utmost victorious and successful 8th National Congress. We are confident that you will draw significant lessons, positive and negative, from your experiences to further enrich your future programs for the benefit of the American people and the peoples all over the world who likewise struggle against U.S. imperialism and other reactionaries.

Luis G. Jalandoni
Member, National Executive Committee
Chief International Representative
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist–Leninist) — United Kingdom

Dear Comrades

CPGB-ML certainly wishes you every success with your forthcoming Congress.

The election of Donald Trump as president reflects the disillusionment felt by the US working class with the traditional political representatives of the US ruling class, which has clearly only brought devastation and alienation to their lives. If Trump is right-wing, it must never be forgotten that Hillary Clinton and
her Democrat entourage are every bit as right-wing, and that she was committed to setting up a no fly zone over Syria, had she been elected, in a move that dangerously threatened immediate war with Russia.

In Trump the true ugly face of imperialism is clear to see, while in Hillary it was less obvious, but we trust that your Party will guard against the danger of attributing the ills of imperialism to having a buffoon president in the person of Trump rather than to the rotten system of imperialism as a whole. This is what your so-called Democratic Party and most of the bourgeois media in the US are trying to do, which makes it incumbent upon those who seek to defend the interests of the working class tirelessly to point out the deception that the US ruling class is trying to foist on them, constantly hammering home instead the message that the masses need to act to overthrow imperialism and take control for themselves of all significant means of production (currently used only to the extent they produce a profit for the multi-billionaire ruling class) turning them into the means for satisfying their own material, cultural and spiritual needs before their hopes for a bright and secure future can be satisfied.

US imperialism is today the strongest bastion of world reaction, as a result of which the proletariat and oppressed peoples of the whole world cannot but do their best to spur you on to victory. The CPGB-ML is a party also operating in a major imperialist country that on the basis of its imperialist looting has been able for over a century to provide a relatively secure standard of living to the working masses, convincing them that the abject misery of the peoples of the oppressed countries is caused by their racial inferiority, and instilling in the less advanced masses of the local proletariat a considerable degree of loyalty to ‘their’ ruling class; as such we face the same uphill struggle as yours does in bringing home to the proletariat the understanding of how misplaced that loyalty is and that the overthrow imperialism is an urgent necessity, not only for the purposes of doing away with poverty, but also so as to free humanity from the curses of war and of degradation of our planet in the interests of imperialist profit.

Communist Party Great Britain (Marxist – Leninist)

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