Greeting from the Socialist Unity Center of India


Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee of our Party, the Socialist Unity Centre of India, and on my own behalf I convey to you our solidarity with the Freedom Road Socialist Organization on the occasion of its 4 th Congress.

We are passing through a critical phase in the struggle of the working people of the world against capitalism and imperialism. Since the counter-revolution in Soviet Russia and dismantling of socialism in the Eastern European countries, imperialism has gone on a rampage, trampling the sovereignty of nations and ruthlessly suppressing the democratic struggles of the toiling people all over the globe. Restoration of capitalism in China through counter-revolution has further emboldened the imperialists.

US-UK imperialists and their lackeys have unleashed a most savage military attack on the Iraqi people and have forcefully occupied the country. They are nakedly supporting the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people denying their right to homeland. Afghanistan and Haiti are also victims of the aggressive design of USA.

Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly clearer every day that globalization-liberalization-privatization are the means that the imperialists have adopted to exploit the developing countries for tiding over the severest crisis and recession of world capitalism.

But at the same time, the resolve of the exploited people to fight the capitalist-imperialist menace is also strengthening. The heroic battle of the Iraqi people against the occupation forces has totally unnerved the imperialist powers. There are mounting waves of protest against globalization and imperialist war machinations in different countries, notably in the developed countries themselves.

The need of the hour is to organize broad-based anti-imperialist movements in different countries with communists at the core and to work together for coordinating these movements, so that a mighty global anti-imperialist movement is built up which alone can resist the aggressive maneuvers of the imperialist forces for world domination.

In this context, we hail the struggle of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization in the United States and express our total solidarity with their anti-war movement and fight for the oppressed people. We wish all success to the forthcoming Congress of the organization and hope that this would mark a step forward in advancing the working class movement in the US.

Long Live Revolution. Long Live the Unity of the Working People.

Nihar Mukherjee
General Secretary
Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI)