FRSO General Members Meeting – East Palestine: Strikebreaking & Environmental Catastrophe

East Palestine – Strikebreaking & Environmental Catastrophe: Biden & Norfolk Southern put profits ahead of people and safety – FRSO General Members Meeting

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET

“In East Palestine, Ohio, decades of corporate and government negligence have culminated in a horrifying and entirely avoidable environmental catastrophe, the consequences of which we have only just begun to see. … The derailment is attributed to long-outdated brakes that the rail workers union had been trying to replace, until Biden stepped and sided with railroad companies against the workers – now, Biden’s corporate collusion has resulted in an environmental disaster.” — From a statement by the Climate Justice Committee, Minnesota

Just months after the Biden administration broke a potential rail strike and forced workers to accept a contract they had already voted down, a Norfolk Southern train carrying toxic chemicals derailed and has led to the biggest environmental disaster in decades.

Join J. Berger, UE staffer, Cherrene Horazuk, chair of the FRSO Labor Commission, and Steff Yorek, FRSO Central Committee member and member of the Minnesota Climate Justice Committee, for a discussion on how the capitalist class puts profits ahead of people and planet, and how we can fight back by building a fighting labor movement and a working-class-oriented environmental justice movement.

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