FRSO condemns wave of repression against trade unionists, progressive activists in Philippines

Freedom Road Socialist Organization stands in opposition to the wave of political repression that is being unleashed in the Philippines. The U.S.-backed regime of President Duterte has carried out a series of raids on homes and offices, jailing more than 60 participants in the progressive and national democratic movement.

According to reports, among those arrested in the raids were 40 members of the militant labor movement Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU)/May First Movement. Leaders of the KMU have toured the U.S. in the past, speaking of their struggle for justice and a better way of life. They need our solidarity now. Also arrested were members of the National Federation of Sugar Workers, women’s groups, patriotic movements, and organizations of the urban poor. The Duterte regime is trying to justify these raids and arrests with planted ‘evidence’ and attempts to whip up anti-communism.

Duterte’s raids and arrests in Negros, Samar and Metro Manila are signs of the regime’s weakness and growing isolation. In the cites and the rural areas, the broad masses of people are tired of a tyrannical, corrupt government and its foreign backers.

We stand with the national democratic movement in the Philippines, which is fighting with all its strength for a country that has true democracy, land reform, and better way of life for the broad masses of people.

We demand that U.S. troops get out of the Philippines and that all assistance to the corrupt Duterte regime come to and end.

Say no to the repression!
Support the labor movement in Philippines!
Support the just struggle of the Filipino people!