Trump is a loser. Join the Freedom Road Socialist Organization!

Freedom Road Socialist Organization membership is now over 500 and growing at a good clip. Our website at received 38 requests to join just this month. In 25 cities now, we mobilize FRSO members for protests. Now is a good time to join the FRSO and prepare for big struggles in the year ahead. Ask your friends to join too. More is better.

Trump lost the election, and we need to make sure he gets the message: “Trump you’re a loser. Get out!” Starting in 2015, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization helped lead hundreds of protests against Trump, including the shutdown of Trump’s 2016 campaign rally in Chicago. As you know if you read your news at Fight Back!, we protested Trump’s 2017 inauguration and continued to lead people in the streets to stop the Republican agenda. Finally, we voted to defeat Trump in 2020.

For our next move, we need to push forward with the labor and people’s movements’ demands to challenge Biden and the Democrats. The police murder of Black people and other oppressed nationalities is not going to stop because of an election. The economic crisis is bad, and about to get worse, like falling off a cliff worse. The COVID-19 pandemic is scarier than ever, and we need bold action.

Bold is for revolutionaries, not Wall Street politicians. Along with friends and allies, we need to keep protesting in the streets and make bigger demands at work. We can make advances, and win reforms, but we know that Biden is not going to solve the huge problems working and oppressed people face. For that, we need revolution, socialism and liberation!

That is why you should join the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. Many comrades joining the FRSO were active with Bernie, or joined DSA and other groups searching for solutions, but find themselves unsatisfied and yearning for more. “Hope is in the streets. Change is in the people’s movements,” was a slogan we used during the Obama elections. One might add, “For a revolution, one needs a revolutionary party.”

Elections can be an arena of struggle, but to achieve socialism, workers and their allies have to seize power. We must organize working people and overthrow the existing order where billionaire capitalists own and control nearly all of society, including the government. We also need to act in solidarity with countries and peoples being slandered and attacked by the U.S. – socialist ones like China and Cuba, or revolutionary and independent ones like Venezuela and Iran, as well as national liberation movements like Palestine and the Philippines.

Now is a good time to join the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. People are signing up as new members in nearly every state. We are everywhere! Just this week, we talked with new FRSO members in Sacramento, California; Wheeling, West Virginia; Tallahassee, Florida, and the Bronx, New York.

It is easy to join the FRSO. We ask you to agree to our FRSO Unity Statement and click JOIN on our website. Send us your info and the annual $20 donation. We will write back to confirm and discuss how you can participate.

If you like to give more, say $50 or $100, (or $1000 like somebody did this week), we can use it to strengthen the FRSO as we march towards revolution, socialism and liberation together.

Join us in struggle! Solidarity!