FRSO fund drive nets $65,000, let’s make the push to $100,000

We are proud of the progress that our Spring Fundraising campaign has made so far. $65,000 in hand, with many thousands in pledges. We are in striking distance of goal of $100,000. We are poised to make a great leap forward.

FRSO has been growing rapidly, and as a result we need to grow our capacity as a national organization. This fundraising drive makes it possible for us to open a national office and hire staff that can work full time to develop the revolutionary movement.

The decline of U.S. imperialism is accelerating. In the heart of the beast, we have seen a great rebellion against racist inequality and police crimes. Within the past year, cities across the U.S. have been on fire. People all over the world have had it with U.S. imperialism and its puppets. Witness what is happening in Palestine – where a mighty battle is underway against the U.S.-backed Israeli occupation. Empires come and go and U.S. empire is declining. Fast.

In times like these, it is critical to build revolutionary organization – and this fund drive is vital to taking these efforts to the next level.

We urge all of you who have pledged contributions to get your money in as soon as possible. We need to do what we say.

We urge all of you who are thinking about contributing to do so. We do not ask for money often, but we are asking for it now. The need is real. We are serious people who are serious about revolution and socialism, and we need to act accordingly.

Ask your friends, ask your comrades, and ask yourself, “how can I make this campaign a success?” If you have already done something – ask yourself if you can do more.

We thank all of you who have already contributed and set the Spring Fund Drive on the road to success. Our combined efforts mean victory.

Contribute today by going to and hitting donate.

We need to do what ever it takes. We have a world to win!