Italian communists to Freedom Road Socialist Organization: ‘Fronte Popolare is at your side’

In these days of pain, pride and struggle, Fronte Popolare is at your side. Our organization is supportive of those who are fighting for the dignity and rights of all women and men. The results of the mass uprising that exploded with the murder of George Floyd by a racist policeman are of decisive importance not only for American society and for the redemption of the nationalities and oppressed communities that make it up, but for the cause of human liberation that unites us all over the world.

George Floyd’s name adds to the endless list of lives devoured by centuries-old racial hatred that U.S. capitalism and imperialism have fueled, which have served to strengthen the regime of class oppression on which their power is built on a planetary scale. It is against this situation that today the most conscious sectors of the working classes are revolting with extraordinary force. It is the presentment of barbarism to which it leads that mobilizes new crowds.

In recent years we have observed with growing enthusiasm and interest the amplification of the social struggle fronts in the United States. The U.S. working class wants radical change, and it is to hinder this will that once again, as has happened many times in the history of your country, ruling classes’ repression shows its most ferocious face. The arrogance of Trump, who, from the besieged White House, threatens the deployment of the army against the people, only attests that times are changing.

In the years of his presidency, Trump has done everything in his power to restore ancient prejudices and divide workers. Millions of people are still victims of discrimination and fear. Trump’s violence has done nothing more than bring down the ‘liberal’ facade of the U.S. political and social regime and inflict a severe blow on the credibility of its institutions.

The change is possible in the United States today. It will not be easy: the struggle will be hard, and the result uncertain, but the determination shown in the streets of dozens of cities by the mass movement gives a tangible hope.

The United States is the pivot of the world imperialist system. Its armies are deployed all over the world and also in our country, Italy. The power of U.S. economic and financial institutions still dictates the pace of world capitalism. Precisely for this reason, we look at the events of the last few days as something that directly concerns us. From the outcome of your struggles depends much on the destiny of all of us.

We acknowledge the quality and determination of the U.S. political organizations at the forefront of the struggle for socialism. Among these organizations, FRSO occupies an important position, and we are proud of the bond of brotherhood that unites us. We know that you will live up to your tasks. From our country, we will do everything possible to ensure active support and genuine internationalist solidarity for you and all those who fight together with you. Together, we will ensure that all forms of oppression, exploitation, hatred and racism will be defeated forever. The path to freedom will be opened up for all those living on United States land.

Not a step back!

Alessio Arena
Central Secretary – Fronte Popolare