Justice for Trayvon Martin

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization

All around the U.S., people are taking action to denounce the racist murder of African American teenager Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. We demand justice!

On Feb. 26, Trayvon Martin was walking home after purchasing candy from a local store. George Zimmerman called 911 to report the “suspicious behavior” of Trayvon, who was walking and talking to his girlfriend on the phone. Despite the 911 operator’s instructions to leave Trayvon Martin alone, Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

While Trayvon’s family mourns, Zimmerman is walking around free. This is a crime and an outrage. Anyone with a sense of justice should demand that this racist murderer be arrested and locked in jail.

Trayvon’s killing is a vigilante murder of an unarmed Black youth. It is yet another instance of national oppression in the South, where the African American nation is held under the yoke of the 1% for the benefit of the rich and powerful. From slavery through the betrayal of Reconstruction following the end of the Civil War, from Klan terror and the bondage of sharecropping, to the rise of the modern prison industry, the African American people have suffered one injustice after another and yet have never stopped in their struggle for full equality and self-determination.

All working and oppressed people and all people of conscience must go all-out to join this struggle and to see to it that there is not one more Oscar Grant, not one more Troy Davis and not one more Trayvon Martin murdered by this system of oppression, poverty, and misery.

Justice for Trayvon Martin | FRSO

Full equality for the African American people and self-determination for the African American nation!