Greeting from the Party of Labor of Albania

To the 4th Congress of Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Dear Comrades,

The Party of Labor of Albania highly values the 4th Congress of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization as a very important event, not only for the internal development of your organization, but as an important contribution to the strengthening of the international communist movement.

The Central Committee of the Party of Labor of Albania would like to take this opportunity to cordially greet all Congress delegates and all militants of FRSO, sincerely wishing true success in carrying out your Congress.

The Party of Labor of Albania is happy to learn of FRSO’s notable progress since the Third Congress and highly respects your successes in the labor movement, in the struggle against capitalist exploitation and oppression, in the anti-war and anti-globalization movements and in your increased role in many aspects of life in the USA. Without a doubt, FRSO – guided by the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin – will continue to forward its present successes and will achieve its revolutionary objectives.

History has taught us, in building a communist party, that achieving revolutionary objectives is difficult and requires many sacrifices, but it is the duty of a communist to never back down from this path. As you all have clearly determined in the proceedings of your Congress, the central task is the construction of a true communist party. We strongly believe that your 4th Congress will achieve this objective.

We wish you success and victory in the 4th Congress of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

Long Live Marxism-Leninism!
Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

Revolutionary greetings,
The Central Committee, PLA