Greeting from the Workers Party of Belgium

Solidarity message to the 4th Congress of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Dear Comrades of the National Executive Committee of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization,

The Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Belgium sends its warmest fraternal greetings to the participants in the 4th Congress of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

As part of the International Communist Movement, our two organizations are fighting against the imperialist determination to enforce its inhumane and barbaric law and order on all peoples. We are fighting together to free the world proletariat, the toiling masses and the oppressed nations from imperialist dictatorship and from capitalist wage slavery. In particular, we are fighting against US imperialism, its aggressive policy and its preparations for a new World War.

Solidarity and unity on the basis of Marxism-Leninism between all communist parties are more than ever crucial in the present situation of imperialist globalisation, i.e. the intensification and world-wide expansion of imperialist exploitation and domination.

Imperialism today is characterised by its trend towards "fascism and war with a democratic face". In imperialist countries, the economic situation of the workers is deteriorating quickly, police repression and political espionage are on the rise, racism and fascism are moving ahead with the support of important factions of big business.

The whole world is moving towards ever greater economic problems, crises and wars.

Contradictions between the three centers of imperialism are increasing.

United, the national democratic revolutions in Asia, Africa and Latin America and the socialist revolutions in the developed capitalist countries will destroy imperialism and its barbaric dictatorship. Socialism is the future of mankind.

We hope we will reinforce further our fraternal and communist relations.

We would greatly appreciate receiving the Political Resolution of your Congress.


Baudouin Deckers
First Secretary, WPB