Student Intifada: Reports from encampment leaders

FRSO Online Meeting

Thursday, June 13 – 5:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Mountain, 7:00pm Central time 8:00pm Eastern
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Thousands of students across took a militant stand against the U.S./Israeli genocide in Gaza through the encampment movement this Spring, electrifying the nation and adding strength to the mass movement in solidarity with Palestine. Join this upcoming Freedom Road Socialist Organization online meeting to hear reports from student leaders of the encampment movement on their experiences and lessons from this powerful episode in the fight to free Palestine.

Speakers include Audari Tamayo of UW-Milwaukee Students for a Democratic Society (SDS); Khalid Ahmad Hamu of Denver SDS; Maya Sanchez of Tulane SDS; Mira Altobel-Resendez of UMN SDS; and Rick Toledo of Cal Poly Humboldt SDS.

Students occupied campus lawns and buildings, in some places for weeks at a time, demanding their universities divest from apartheid and cut ties with genocide. Encampments were met with fierce repression, ranging from police brutality to academic and legal retaliation. Despite this, students won significant victories, contributed to raising the level of political consciousness of their generation and the broader masses of people, and gained a wealth of practical experience in the struggle.

Join us to sum up these lessons, which are sure to be a powerful weapon in the continued fight to free Palestine.

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