FRSO condemns Duterte’s terror law, demands U.S. out of Philippines

The U.S.-backed government of Philippines and its President Duterte is putting in place the legal framework to carry out a wave of repression against activists in the popular movements who are fighting for social and national liberation. Freedom Road Socialist Organization condemns the recently signed Republic Act 1147, also called Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020, for what it is: an attempt to criminalize trade unionists, environmentalists, women’s groups, student organizations or anyone else who wants to challenge the cruel rule of Duterte.

Duterte is using an old trick – a slight of hand utilized for years by South Africa’s white minority rulers and then perfected by Israel and the U.S. – calling those who fight for liberation ‘terrorists’, while the real terrorists, the repressive governments, jail and torture at will. This so-called anti-terrorism measure is designed to curb democratic rights, while allowing Duterte’s repressive regime to act with impunity.

President Duterte’s move to expand state terrorism comes as the regime finds itself engulfed by growing social and economic crises. It is beset by a powerful national democratic movement that challenges the domination of feudalism, bureaucrat capitalism, and imperialism. In particular, the communist-led New People’s Army is growing in strength with every passing day.

State terrorism in the Philippines is made in the USA. U.S. dollars, troops, the CIA, and even U.S. police departments facilitate repression on a massive scale.

Progressive Filipinos are organizing protests against this terror law and we encourage everyone to join them.

Stop the repression!
U.S. out of the Philippines!