FRSO Spring Fundraising drive: $100,000-plus needed for great leap forward

Over the past year, Freedom Road Socialist Organization has undergone a period of dramatic growth, and we have emerged as one of the largest revolutionary organizations in the United States. We have been in the forefront of the fight against police crimes. We have systematically developed our work in the labor movement. And we have worked hard to build the movements for African-American and Chicano liberation. We have hundreds of cadre who are working day and night to build the people’s struggle and we will soon have more than 1000 members. FRSO is truly national in scope.

We have arrived at a crossroads. To continue this pace of development we need your help. We are going to establish a national office and we are going to have some full-time staff who are devoted to building FRSO. We will increase our capacity to build a revolutionary movement that is capable of engaging the class enemy and waging a serious fight for working class pollical power: socialism.

To do this takes money and everyone can play a role in this. Urge your comrades and friends to give all that they can to the FRSO Spring Fundraising drive. Congress and the president just approved stimulus checks for most of us. Please consider contributing your stimulus check to FRSO.

Our organization is no stranger to struggle and sacrifice. Starting with the raids in 2010, the FBI waged a multi-year campaign aimed at part to destroying FRSO. They failed, and we are now on the threshold of making a great leap forward.

The economic crisis, the failure of government and the for-profit health care industry to deal with the pandemic, along with the great rebellion that has shaken this country after the police murder of George Floyd are all indicators that great change is coming. Monopoly capitalism is a failed system, and it has entered a period of accelerated decline.

Some people say real change is impossible. Burning police stations and millions of people in the streets this past year suggest otherwise. We want to abolish capitalism and replace it with socialism. This not some dream; it can be a reality if we work – and fight – for it.

To do that we need to expand the fighting capacity of FRSO. Your the contributions, the bigger the better, will help us do exactly that. Go to donate at .

Great things are ahead!
The future is bright!
Contribute to the FRSO Spring Fundraising campaign!