Looking forward to a new year of struggle in 2022: Join FRSO

As 2021 concludes and we look forward to a new year, it makes sense to survey the political landscape and discuss what’s to be done.

Monopoly capitalism is a failed system. We need a revolutionary solution to our problems. And to achieve that goal, revolutionary organization is a requirement. Freedom Road Socialist Organization has the aim of overthrowing capitalism and replacing it with socialism. If that is what you want, it is time to join our ranks.

FRSO does not just talk about change. We are active in our unions, community organizations, anti-war, student, and many other groups. Our members are African American, Chicanos and Latinos, white, and Arab American, Asian American, and Native Americans.

We are building the struggles against police crimes and for community control of the police. In the labor movement do everything we can to confront the employer and have strong, class-struggle oriented unions. We are activists and organizers, and we judge our successes according to our ability to mobilize, land blows against the enemy, raise peoples understanding of how capitalism works, and build a revolutionary movement to end it. We are serious about what we do and clear on what we want.

The world is changing, rapidly. We came into 2021 with a tremendous amount of energy from the George Floyd rebellion – a great uprising against police terror and racist inequality that radically changed the political landscape. Nothing will be the same again. Every contradiction in U.S. society is sharpening.

Unlike socialist China and Cuba, the U.S. has been unable to deal with the pandemic, so nearly 1 million people have died. Trump responded to his electoral defeat with an attempted coup. The decline of Wall Street’s empire is accelerating, highlighted by the defeat in Afghanistan. Climate change is speeding up as well. The shape of things to come is clear and there are two possible roads to take – we can accept the way things are or we can overturn the unacceptable.

While the future is unwritten, we can be certain that the year ahead will be an extremely important one. It holds out the promise of sharp battles, with the potential of bringing millions into the streets. FRSO is going to be among the shakers and movers of what happens next. We are the largest Marxist-Leninist organization in the U.S. and we are growing rapidly.

Social media can be a useful tool but we will not tweet our way to revolution. We are bringing people together in in our workplaces and neighborhoods, to build a broad united front against monopoly capitalism. History is made by the people – in their hundreds of millions – and by acting as one, revolutionaries can construct a meaningful movement for change.

The time is now to join a revolutionary organization.

Go to the FRSO website at https://frso.org and check out what we have to say. Then hit “Join.”