Message to the MLPD on the unveiling of Lenin statue

Dear Comrades,

We send out warmest greeting to the leadership and members of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD), and to all who are assembled in Gelsenkirchen for the unveiling of the Lenin statue. While we cannot be you with you in person for this wonderful event, we are with you in spirit.

Placing a statue of the great Marxist and revolutionary V.I. Lenin in a public setting is a powerful blow against anti-communism and reaction. And it is a reaffirmation of the truth that Lenin and Leninism are of real relevance in the world today.

Monopoly capitalism is a failed, dying system that’s locked in a profound crisis. Using the science of Marxism-Leninism, communists are at the forefront of the fight to bring the capitalist system to an end. Lenin lives in the hearts and minds of revolutionaries everywhere who struggle against exploitation and oppression.

Here in the U.S., statues of slaveholders and reactionaries are being torn down. Everything reactionary is certain to fall. The downfall of our rulers is historically inevitable.

We find it inspiring that in Germany, communists are unveiling a statue of Lenin for all to see. We join you in looking forward to a bright future.

With communist greetings,

Mick Kelly,
For the Standing Committee of the Central Committee,
Freedom Road Socialist Organization