On the Passing of Comrade Ray Sosa

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Brother Ray Sosa was a Chicano Los Angeles community organizer and revolutionary who dedicated his entire life to the struggle to achieve justice, equality and liberation for working and oppressed peoples. 

Brother Ray believed in the value of teaching others and improving himself and, by so doing, improving the social conditions and general welfare of the community at large. 

At an early age he saw the need for revolutionary theory and worked tirelessly to use Marxism-Leninism as a tool free Chicanos and all poor working people from the chains of oppression. 

In his work life, Ray sought to restore dignity by treating others with caring and respect in a way that he did best. In his community work spanning his adult life time, Ray was a pillar of strength, continuing to organize even though limited by his state of health. 

He spent his life in the front lines of the people’s struggle and made vital contributions to many causes including the anti-war movement, the immigrant rights movement, the struggles of the urban poor and of course the struggle for the liberation of Chicana/os. He joined FRSO over 10 years ago and contributed tremendously to our work and our understanding of the struggle for self-determination of the Chicano Nation. 

In every sense, Ray was an example of what a role model should be. He was a leader whose courage, commitment and clarity did so much to improve the lives of so many. 

Brother Ray devoted his life to the betterment of others. We salute him and thank his family for supporting him over the years.

Brother Ray we miss you, and cherish your memory forever.

As the fighters for justice in South America say upon the loss of their comrade, we say, too… Ray Sosa… PRESENTE!

Freedom Road Socialist Organization