We raised $80,000. FRSO fund drive poised for big victory

With $80,000 in hand, the Freedom Road Socialist Organization fundraising drive is a great success. Thousands of additional dollars are pledged, and many have indicated a desire to give more. Now is that time. We urge you to contribute at once, so that our goal of $100,000 can be achieved.

FRSO is making a great leap forward. Our numbers are growing. Rapidly. We are in more cities. We have played an important role in the battle against police crimes and in so many other movements

But the most important thing is this. We are constructing a revolutionary organization, while working to build a revolutionary movement – one which can and will contend for power. We are not there yet, but that is the direction we are heading in. To speed this process up, we are going to establish a national office with full-time staff that adds capacity to the effort. And to do that we need your help.

We have accomplished a lot in this past period, and we are ready to do so much more. On June 4, this fund drive will come to an end. If you pledged, make good on it and send in the money – now. Do that final ask of your friends and comrades. And consider the question, “Is there more that I can do?”

Monopoly capitalism is not going to last. Its gravediggers are coming together. And all of us can chip in for the most festive funeral ever.

A bright future is in front of us. Together we will win!