Solidarity Greetings from Socialist Unity Center of India, Central Committee

Freedom Road Socialist Organization

Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI), the revolutionary Party of this soil, we convey our warmest revolutionary greetings to your Third Congress, wishing it all success.

In the present world, following the debacle of the socialist camp, thanks to the heinous role played by the modern revisionism, the imperialist forces of the world, headed by the US imperialism, have launched their all-pervading attacks on the people of the world with a renewed vigour. Hence it has become important and imperative on the freedom and peace-loving revolutionary forces, to coordinate and unite the anti-imperialist struggles all over the globe, incorporating in this endeavour the task of developing and strengthening the proletarian revolutionary movements in different countries. This remains the only way to uphold the banner of proletarian internationalism, the cherished goal of the Marxist revolutionaries. They do also have to realize that the modern revisionism, which looms large as the main danger in the communist movement, must also to be fought to finish.

We express our solidarity with you and your struggle with this understanding and once again wish your Third Congress a grand success to help you add new vigours to your struggles.

With revolutionary greetings,

Comradely yours,

Nihar Mukherjee
General Secretary,
Socialist Unity Centre of India (SUCI)