FRSO condemns the murder of Communist Party of the Philippines leader Julius Giron

Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) condemns the brutal government murder of the prominent Filipino communist Julius Giron, his wife Lourdes Tan Torres and their aide. We extend our condolences to his family, friends and our comrades of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

We are given to understand Julius Giron made a lifetime of huge contributions to revolutionary struggle of the people of the Philippines to end all oppression and exploitation. This cruel and cowardly killing, carried out by police thugs at 3 a.m., stands as an indictment of the Duterte regime and its imperialist masters. This criminal act is a sign of the regime’s desperation. Imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism is heading for defeat. Revolution will put an end to counter-revolution.

The people of the Philippines share a common enemy with the American people – U.S. monopoly capitalism. Every step forward for the revolutionary movement in the Philippines is an advance for both peoples. We see your losses as our losses, and we join with you in morning these martyrs. Likewise, your victories are a win for the people of the United States, and we celebrate each of your successes.

FRSO stands in solidarity with the national democratic movement of the Philippines and the Communist Party of the Philippines. On this sad occasion of the murder of Julius Giron, we vow to build on that solidarity, and we reiterate our demand to end all U.S. aid to the Duterte regime.

With communist greetings,
Mick Kelly,
For the Standing Committee of the Central Committee,
Freedom Road Socialist Organization