FRSO leader Steff Yorek says capitalism, Trump administration, set to make coronavirus epidemic worse

Minneapolis, MN – Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s Pollical Secretary Steff Yorek stated today, March 4, “As COVID-19 spreads here in the United States, the potential exists for the corporate health care system to be overwhelmed. American capitalism has developed a health care system that’s poorly equipped to do basic public health. There is no profit in disease prevention.”

Yorek noted, “The epicenter of the U.S. outbreak today is Washington state. Nine people have died in the Seattle area and health care workers are under quarantine. A new case in North Carolina can be traced to travel to Washington state. We can expect it to continue to spread while a vaccine is 12 to 18 months away. When a vaccine does come available the rich intend to make as much money off it as possible. Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar said he won’t promise a vaccine will be affordable to working people because profit trumps human needs.”

Yorek also stated, “In the meantime, the virus is hitting Iran hard. The World Health Organization is very concerned that because of U.S. sanctions, there will not be sufficient disposable medical supplies and ventilators. Iran is taking many positive steps, including rapidly releasing non-violent prisoners who are clear of the virus to prevent prison-based outbreaks. It is a good thing that socialist China is providing medical assistance.

“This is the time to practice solidarity with the neighbors on the block and across the globe. We will have to be prepared and not panicked and demand that the pandemic measures met people’s needs – not profit,” she concluded.